Emerald City Comic Con was this weekend #ECCC2015

Mt Rainier over Seattle

This weekend in Seattle Washington at the Washington Convention Center was the Emerald City Comic Con. I was unable to post here on M31Publishing due to a technical error with the site and because I was away from home I didn’t have the same access that I normally have and needed to correct the problem. Thankfully the fine people over at Fangirlnation published my review of day 1 of the con here . Of course there is so much that happens at a convention that I cannot possibly get it all into a single article. One of the things I … Continue reading

At Long Last, Our Hawaiian Honeymoon

Luau Sunset

When we got married, my love and I chose not to start our lives in debt by going on an expensive honeymoon. Instead we made a promise that someday we would go to Hawaii. That day came and we chose Maui to spend four wonderful days with each other. I had never been to a warm water beach before. My love, wisely, decided not to book us up for the first day there. Instead he thought we would want to just enjoy the beach and recover from the long flight. This allowed us to spend our entire first day playing … Continue reading

Magic: The Gathering, Esper

Sphinx of the Steel Wind

While playing The Cube I discovered many cards that cried out to be put in decks. Several of them required new decks since they did not fit into my limited number of leftover decks when I reentered the world of playing Magic. One of those cards was the Sphinx of the Steel Wind. The Sphinx of the Steel Wind is an Artifact Creature – Sphinx that costs BUW5 to cast and is a 6/6 with flying, first strike, vigilance, lifelink, pro red and green. The artwork is amazing too. This card is so good in the cube it inspired me … Continue reading

The Road Less Travelled to Hana

Black Sand Beach, Maui

Our first time to Hawaii we visited Maui. Four days of adventure lay ahead of us and we excitedly poured over books and maps trying to decide what we could see, what we wanted to see, in the time allotted. We also chatted with a lovely lady at the Resort about some of the things we had read about that we wanted to see. We discovered that she was from the Pacific Northwest and, perhaps (mistakenly) sensing kindred spirits she told us about the back way to see the Seven Sacred Pools that are on the Road to Hana. This … Continue reading

Magic: The Gathering; Dimir, My Process for Deck Building

Hythonia the Cruel

Everyone has their own, unique, process for building a deck when it comes to Magic. Even people who build competitive, tournament decks have their own approach, that is part of the beauty of the game, that it taps into creativity on the part of the players. This also causes people to become attached to their decks. They built them, they play them, it’s something they are invested in. I’m sharing three decks that I’ve put together that are moderately successful. I thought it would be useful, possibly even helpful to see my process for building a deck. Now I like … Continue reading

Magic : The Gathering About that Orzhov Deck

Obzedat, Ghost Council

Just the week before Christmas 2014 I got back into playing Magic: The Gathering. I dusted off my two old decks and after several painful defeats reworked them, taking out some old cards and putting in some new ones. I’ve been having so much fun I decided to make a new deck with all new cards. I started with a couple cards I knew I wanted to play and then as I chose cards that I thought went with them I began to think about what I wanted the deck to do. With my Rakdos deck it’s all about sacrificing … Continue reading

The Continuing Story of a Betta Named Gipsy Danger


Degarla, alas my Degarla. As it turns out Degarla was a girl snail. Ebriah was not a girl snail. I discovered this when I checked the tank on Christmas morning to feed everyone and there was a gift of a clutch of eggs left on the edge of the tank. It didn’t take any time at all to discover that Degarla was the generous one who left the gift. What I did not know was that female snails will leave their ponds and go in search of new ponds to lay eggs in. Sadly, our house is a vast desert … Continue reading

Magic: The Gathering –Speaking of Johnny Decks

Avacyn, Angel of Hope

Last time I wrote about my Fallen Angel deck, now named Rakdos. I seem to recall that I promised I’d write up my Angel deck, now called Azorius (Blue and White). This is my slowest deck. The mana threshold went up from 5 to 7 when I rebuilt it and there is very little acceleration to be found playing Blue or White. I also didn’t want to dilute the deck by putting too many counter spell type cards in it. I had to use some countering abilities though, since I cannot speed up the deck, my only hope is to … Continue reading

A Productive Superbowl, Writing was done

Gipsy's new tank

Well, gentle reader, despite Seattle throwing away the Superbowl with that last play call, I got a lot done tonight. I got a chapter of new content written for The Shadow of the Hand of God and I’ve written and pre-scheduled the next four posts for the little blog here. One for each Saturday in February. Three about Magic: The Gathering and one about my Betta and the sadness of a lost snail. So the good news is that there will be blogs and maybe some extra ones as topics suggest themselves to me. I’m really getting excited about the … Continue reading