Rose City Comic Con #Mothra #Cosplay Debut #RCCC #Godzilla

Cosplay Newt meets Cosplay Mothra--Squeeing happens

Today is the first day of the Rose City Comic Con. As was my goal and plan I debuted the Mothra cosplay today. The hat is sturdy and the band nearly invisible once it was under my hair. The wings were a bit warm but very wearable. We started off the day with the Kaijucast Godzilla VS. Everything panel. It was the best panel discussion I’ve ever been in. They showed clips from Godzilla movies for a whole hour. They also related trivia and lore about the filming of the movies and the actors. It was delightful. If you love … Continue reading

#Mothra #Cosplay Actual Day 17: Completed in time for #RCCC

Mothra Cosplay Final Form

That’s right, gentle reader, I got it done and not a moment too soon. Today we are less than 7 days out from the Rose City Comic Con. I also helped stitch the skirt and cape for our Midna (of Zelda fame) that will be one of our cosplayers and then helped with the Godzilla cosplay (although that one may not make RCCC). As an aside our Godzilla cosplayer has a conflict with the RCCC on Saturday so our plan to enter the team cosplay contest has been thwarted. Maybe we can do something like that when we get to … Continue reading

#Mothra #Cosplay Day 14, Nearing Completion


That’s right gentle reader, it’s almost completed. I almost missed a big part of the hind wing on the left wing when I was trying to finish up the painting today. I had to keep holding up the wing and turn it around in my hands so that I could really look at it. I have most of the touch ups done, although I think I could touch them up forever. I did use the leather needles to affix the wings to the vest. I spent about an hour futzing with the tension, breaking the thread and damaging the leather … Continue reading

#Mothra #Cosplay Minimalist, Adjusted Budget Holding

Inside of the Left Wing is done

With the holiday weekend affording an extra day to work on the Mothra cosplay I was hoping to get the paining finished on the wings. Since I have to mix the colors myself from the available fabric paints I have it takes a lot longer than one might expect. They are turning out beautifully but it is taking such a long time to paint them. I ran out of blue and orange paint so I had to pick up more. This pushed my budget ever closer to the hard limit of $100.00 for materials. True when I started I was … Continue reading

#Mothra #Cosplay Day 13, Oversights and Corrections

The pattern is really coming together as I near completion on painting.

Well, gentle reader, it is day 13 of the Mothra cosplay construction. I’ve logged around 49 hours of labor on the costume as of today. I really need to step it up because I’m just over a month out from the debut comic con. I was looking for one I could get to sooner than Emerald City and found Rose City. That’s where the costume will be unveiled then: The Rose City Comic Con. While I was looking at my model and at some of the other cosplays and realized that I had overlooked the underbelly of Mothra. More specifically … Continue reading

Minimalist #Mothra #Cosplay on a Budget: Day 12

Painting the orange fields on the inside of the Right wing

Looking at my model and at the vest I’m using for the body part of the wings I realized that I needed to paint a chevron on it underneath the design in the middle. I also did not like the way the yellow paint was turning a greenish color on the leather. So I decided to paint an under-layer of white, over which I will paint the yellow. This should brighten up the yellow and make it less muddy and greenish. Over that I’ll paint a light brown to get the tannish color. This time I took a close up … Continue reading

#Mothra #Cosplay Day 11: Second Thoughts, Third Thoughts and More

Inside of the Right Wing black fields complete

Today is the eleventh day I’ve been working on my Mothra cosplay. I spend between 4 an 6 hours working on it when I do it. Since I work full time I only have Sundays to work on it. At this point I’ve put in a minimum of 44 man-hours (woman-hours in my case) of labor on the costume. I know that many of the pictures I take each week seem very similar to the ones from the previous week. More than just documenting how to make this costume, I’m chronicling the actual time and effort that goes into making … Continue reading

#Cosplay Sunday #Mothra Day 10 and #Godzilla

This week's progress on the right wing.

Day 10 of Mothra cosplay went far better than day 9. I can really tell the difference in just how productive I am when I’m into it versus when I’m not motivated. Last week was tough and I didn’t really get all that much done comparatively speaking. This week we were having a good time and there were no motivational issues. I got the sewing machine out and with about an hour of work finished construction on the left wing. I stitched the top edge of the faux fur that I used for texture on the inside part of the … Continue reading

War In Flesh teaser #WarInFlesh #InTheFlesh

In The Flesh Cover Art

Work on the sequel to In The Flesh is moving along. Yes it is slow going. I’m not one of those authors who can just crank out hundreds of pages without a thought. In point of fact I’m realizing that my creative process takes a lot of thought and a lot of processing. I have to think the whole thing though before I can begin to write it. I have ideas and then need to play with them to see how they fit into the narrative. Sometimes they don’t and then I have to, in the words of Stephen King, … Continue reading

#Mothra #Cosplay Day 9 A Motivation Challenge

Full color Right wing over Black and white Left wing

Yes, Gentle Reader, I had some serious motivational issues today. The other cosplayers who usually do Cosplay Sunday with me were not able to this week and I stayed out far too late last night drinking far too much. The food and the booze were both fantastic but the fun yesterday left me drained today. Forgive me then, for not getting my sewing machine out and finishing up the little bit of sewing that the left wing still needs. I need to seam the sleeve part of the wing and top stitch the faux fur down. It’s not a lot … Continue reading