#Mothra #Cosplay Day 9 A Motivation Challenge

Full color Right wing over Black and white Left wing

Yes, Gentle Reader, I had some serious motivational issues today. The other cosplayers who usually do Cosplay Sunday with me were not able to this week and I stayed out far too late last night drinking far too much. The food and the booze were both fantastic but the fun yesterday left me drained today. Forgive me then, for not getting my sewing machine out and finishing up the little bit of sewing that the left wing still needs. I need to seam the sleeve part of the wing and top stitch the faux fur down. It’s not a lot … Continue reading

#Mothra #Cosplay Day 8 Still On Budget

Mothra Hat/Fascinator

This week has been extremely busy so cosplay Sunday is going to be brief this week. I’ve been contemplating how to affix the wings to the vest that will be the structural part of the body. I do not have leather needles which would be an additional cost. Leather is tricky to work with. Not only is it a heavy fabric but also since it is hide and not woven any holes put in it by a needle are permanent and are not easily hidden should a mistake be made. A friend suggested a substance, an adhesive called sugru. The … Continue reading

#Mothra #Cosplay Day 7, Still On Budget

One side almost painted.

Mothra’s right wing is nearing completion. It was construction complete last week. This week the back side of the wing is almost completely painted. I’ll still have to do some touch up in spots but the white paint I got will help cover any mistakes. I used some of the shimmery paint one of the other cosplayers is using, in exchange for letting them use some of my black paint for their cosplay, to give the wing a bit of shimmer. It took all day to get the painting done. One side of the fabric has a coating that makes … Continue reading

#Mothra #Cosplay Day 6 & #WarInFlesh update


Day 6 of the Mothra Cosplay construction. The budget is still holding steady at $70.00 for materials. This Cosplay Sunday shows the right wing reaching construction complete and the left wing is nearing construction complete. The only thing left to affix to the left wing is the faux fur material that is being used to simulate fine feathery scales at the inside exe of the wing. Once the wings are construction complete that will leave painting to be done. Hours and hours of painting. Once the painting is done, which I expect to take several weeks. Then the wings will … Continue reading

Exciting Pacific Rim 2 and Godzilla News–Well Rumors mostly.

Pacific Rim II from the official Facebook page

April 2017 is when Pacific Rim 2 is currently slated to be released. Now I heard a vague and unsupported rumor that the second Pacific Rim movie is going to pay homage to Voltron and have several Jaegers assemble to form a giant Jaeger. That would be so cool. I hope that it happens. Also I’ve heard, in various corners of the web, that there are going to be 2 more Godzilla movies directed by Gareth Edwards. That would be awesome!

#Mothra #Cosplay Day 5 Holding Steady on #Budget

Tracing the pattern on the backside of the wing.

Thanks to the ghosts of science projects past the Mothra cosplay is holding steady at around $70.00 for supplies and materials. Black fabric paint is being shared with a Midna cosplay as well as, yes, a Godzilla cosplay that are also being made by others in the household. One of the real tricks to keeping a budget reasonable is to not be afraid to repurpose things. Have an old pillow you’re going to throw out? That synthetic stuffing would stuff a tail or other cosplay piece. We found an old broken office chair that someone was throwing away and with … Continue reading

Jeremy Webster of F5 Reviews In The Flesh for The Geek Girl Project

Check out this review of my novel by Jeremy Webster, who reviews movies for F5 and books for The Geek Girl Project. Here’s an excerpt: Much the way Stephen King’s The Gunslinger told a dark fantasy tale by dressing it up in spaghetti western characters, costumes, and settings, much of Zolnoski’s science fiction debut comes in a shell of adventure fantasy, particularly in early, action-heavy setpieces involving a long, arduous escape from enemy armies and pursuing predators dense in a seemingly endless forest region, and late in as the novel’s protagonists set to sea in a steampunk-style sailing vessel to … Continue reading

#Mothra #Cosplay Still Under $100.00.


After finishing up my first ever cosplay this last March, a gorgeous steampunk cosplay, I decided, for no discernible reason, to go big and make a Mothra cosplay. Almost every Mothra costume I’ve seen online (since I’ve never actually seen one at a con) has a huge full mask head that’s bulky and looks like it’d be difficult to wear all day at a con. I worked out a solution that I’m pleased with. Then there are the wings. Lots of people make a variety of wings for a variety of cosplay and they are all gorgeous. Since I’ve been … Continue reading

Casey Kasem Passed Away June 15th

Mark from Gatchaman Action Figure

Many people have written about Casey Kasem’s passing. They have written about his career, his illness later in life and the sad feud that exists between his remaining loved ones. I’ve read blogs about his voice acting in Scooby Doo and how he used that humble cartoon to speak about his own values to a generation of fans. They have written about things that while true, seemed a bit cold, a bit clinical as a way to remember a man whom exhorted his listeners to “keep their feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.” What great advice. … Continue reading

#Mothra #cosplay construction Day3: A #Budget Breakdown

Two coats of paint

Gentle reader it occurs to me that you would like to know the materials and costs. Sorry it’s the third post before posting this. I wasn’t sure how much I’d be blogging about this project when I started. 3 yards of cotton @ 5.99/yard 3 yards boning @ 2.29/yard 1 yard white faux fur (remnant) 2.99 1 leather vest (Goodwill) 9.99 1 packages fabric paint @ 4.99 1 package fabric markers @ 4.99 2 fascinator forms @ 2.99 2 ostrich feathers @ 2.99 2 pendants for the jewels for the eyes @ 1.49 What I had on hand: Sewing Machine … Continue reading