A Nerd in The Garden: Lilies

Purple Prince Lily

In the fall we planted several lilies. Lilies are one of my favorite flowers. I had hoped to get some Stargazers to plant as they are beautiful and delightfully fragrant, but I wasn’t able to. I’ll keep an eye out for some Stargazer bulbs for next year. What I did get were two Purple Prince lilies along with a Cappuccino lily and some others whose names I have forgotten. Of those four are not yet blooming so we will get to enjoy them later on in the season. Currently I have the two Purple Prince lilies in bloom, the Cappuccino … Continue reading

A Nerd in the Garden – Busy Spring

Spring Tulips

last year we spent a couple of months clearing out a lot of weeds and preparing our garden space. We put in 7 raised beds and planted them. We also mulched heavily with hazelnut shells. The mulching worked like a dream. This year there were very few weeds and they were easily pulled. The entire garden space looks neat and well cared for. We learned also that the squash, pumpkins, zucchini and like vining vegetables will take up all the space they can. We had 20′ vines, possibly even longer. they have been banished to the side yard. This year … Continue reading

A Nerd in the Garden loose in the House: Remodeling

Tile and Paint Chips

After a long absence from blogging I am back. I do apologize for the derth of posts in the last 6 months, gentle reader. Rest assured things have continued on. The remodel project has grown, along with the budget. Since it’ll take me approximately forever to save up the cold hard cash for all of these projects I’m starting small, prioritizing and shopping for the best deals I can find. We decided to start on the inside in the bathroom. It was old, 70’s style and small-ish, not tiny but not large either. We’re mostly doing this ourselves so it … Continue reading

A Nerd loose in the house: Home Decorating & Repair/Remodle

Ornaments and lights

It is the Christmas season and today we hang the lights and ornaments around the house. It’s a week later than I normally do it but things came up last week. I love the big house ornaments. To me there is something festive and joyful about them. Thankfully they are plastic because I dropped two of them three times today trying to get everything situated. It’s important, once you’ve found the lights from last year, that you lay them out and check that they work. Watch where you step, those glass bulbs look small but when they break they create … Continue reading

Gift Ideas for the Cosplayer on Your List


Do you have a cosplayer on your list? Unsure of what to get them? We’ve compiled a short list of some basic cosplaying ideas that are useful in almost any cosplaying application. For example: Are you tired of them borrowing your hair dryer for moldable plastics? Well this Christmas give them a gift that gives twice. The Wagner heat gun will give them a heat source for their plastics and save wear and tear on your hair dryer. Plus you won’t be looking all over the house for where your hair dryer has gotten to. Of course you can always … Continue reading

Preparing Roses for the Winter

Pruned and Protected

This weekend generally gets taken up with Holiday goings ons. Between spending time with family and friends and getting ready for Christmas it seems there is next to no time for gardening. That’s ok because the weather has finally turned and it’s getting too cold to be effective in the garden anyway. I like to wait until the roses are dormant before I prune them back for winter. Pruning them too early runs the risk of them putting a lot of energy into leafing out again only to have the frost hit them hard and stress them, possibly killing them. … Continue reading

From Garden to Pumpkin to Pie & Pecan Bourbon Pie

Ready for the oven

Thanksgiving is nearly upon us and if you’re putting on the feast yourself, cooking has to start at least the day before. Today I baked pies and thawed out the turkey. The bird will go in brine when it finishes thawing and be ready for roasting the morning before the feast. In years past, on request, I’ve made pumpkin pie from real pumpkins. I learned that most of what is called canned pumpkin is actually butternut or hubbard or some kind of squash. It took some searching but I found a recipe for pumpkin pie that calls for pumpkin slurry, … Continue reading

Loot Crate Box Opening–Woo Hoo!

Loot Crate

That’s right, I’m a looter. Of course I am. Last month was the time travel Loot Crate. This month a grab bag of goodies. If you want to get your own Loot Crate delivered each month you can go here. Now this month we have a fabulous Mockingjay pin. A Cute but Deadly mystery figure and magnet sheet which is pretty impressive. Also included is a Vault Boy bobble head. There’s a Street Fighter comic The loot crate pin, catalogue and a Shredder Shades (of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fame). Not quite as cool as the Doctors Sonic Shades but … Continue reading

Gift Ideas for the Gardener on Your List

Solar Lights In The Garden

With the holidays almost upon us it might be a good idea to provide some gift ideas for the gardener in your life. The weather outside might be frightful but that doesn’t mean you can’t plan some heartscaping for the garden. Below find some ideas for the garden to fit almost any budget. Little solar lights transform a garden into a magical wonderland when the sun goes down. These little lights in the shapes of butterfly, dragonfly and humming bird make an evening on the patio next to the garden a magical and relaxing event. At around $20 for a … Continue reading