Official Date for Godzilla Sequel Released

Official Godzilla Poster

Official Godzilla Poster

Official Godzilla Poster

Yes the sequel to Gareth Edwards Godzilla will be released in theaters June 8, 2018. The Sequel will also be directed by Gareth Edwards and I hope he does a better job than he did on his Monsters sequel: Monsters Dark Continent which was just awful on so many levels. In fact I consider myself a bit of a connoisseur of low budget sci-fi movies and this was so bad I couldn’t finish watching it. In fact I didn’t get much past the opening scenes. And I made it through two of three Sharknado movies so far. I haven’t had time to watch Sharknado 3 yet but it’s on the list to be watched. But I digress.

The recent deal between Legendary Studios and Universal means that Legendary now has access to other characters from Toho. Characters like Mothra, King Ghidorah and Rodan. These could now potentially show up in the next Godzilla movie. Squee! I really like the rumor that the Monarch organization will still be involved. It seems like a good plot idea to me.

As for the original Toho Godzilla, well Toho has given Shin-Godzilla an English title for the 2016 movie: Godzilla Resurgence. The initial filming has been done as of this post and effects work is now being done. Shin-Godzilla is due for theatrical release in the summer of 2016.

It’s a good time to be a Godzilla fan.

Thanksgiving Recipes, #Godzilla Review & Some Cosplay

Garlic Mashed potatoes, cheesy corn, dressing, turkey and other delicious dishes.

Thanksgiving is this week and due to family obligations I decided to have my Thanksgiving early. I made sage and mushroom dressing (never stuffing) which is always a favorite, cheesy corn (based off my best guess from Jack’s Stack BBQ in Kansas City–if you ever get to KC do give that place a try. The BBQ is absolutely superb and the cheesy corn is so tasty) and I played with my mashed potato recipe, adding 7 o 8 cloves of garlic to the potatoes as they boiled and then a whole container of brie cheese when I mashed them along with the stapes, butter, cream and salt and pepper. They were the absolutely best mashed potatoes I’ve ever made. I tried a new green bean recipe this time: Hoisin green beans with black sesame seeds. They were delicious also. Turkey was the main protein along with gravy to go with the mashed potatoes and dressing. There were also deviled eggs and this time I tried some fresh mozzarella capris hors d’oeuvres to get people started while I carved the turkey. There were rainbow carrots at the market and I got them to make glazed carrots. So a couple of recipes for you, gentle reader:

Garlic Mashed potatoes, cheesy corn, dressing, turkey and other delicious dishes.

Garlic Mashed potatoes, cheesy corn, dressing, turkey and other delicious dishes.

Garlic Brie Mashed Potatoes
4-6 large russet potatoes
7-8 cloves of garlic, peeled
heavily salted water for boiling
1 pkg brie, rind trimmed off and cut into cubes
1 stick butter (diet food this is not)
1/2 to 1 cup milk, half and half or cream (whichever you have or want to use)

peel and cut the potatoes into cubes and cook in boiling water with the garlic cloves until fork tender. Drain water, add potatoes and garlic back to pan. Add butter, cream, brie, salt and pepper. Mash with potato ricer. Delicious by themselves or with gravy.

Hoisin Green Beans
1 lb fresh green beans, cleaned and prepared for cooking
1 jar of Hoisin sauce
2-3 TBSP of sesame seeds (white or black, I had black so that’s what I used)
1 TBSP butter

In large skillet add butter and green beans. Sauté until beans are tender but not mushy, you still want them a little crunchy. Add hoisin sauce and sesame seeds. Cook for a minute or two and serve.

Glazed Rainbow Carrots

1/2 lb carrots (more if you have more people)
3 TBSP butter
1/2 C Brown sugar
1 1/2 tsp cinnamon

Clean and cut the carrots into coins or bite sized pieces or dice, whatever shape you like. In small sauce pan on low heat add carrots, sugar, cinnamon and butter. Put a lit on the pan and cook over low heat until the carrots are tender. Remove lid and raise heat to reduce sauce to a glaze. Yum-yum.

Now on to Godzilla. Fangirl nation did run my review of Godzilla Cataclysm Issue #4 and here is the link I promised. I have to confess that I totally gave in to my inner squeeing fangirl when writing this review. The truth is that I’m really particularly enjoying these comics and I’ve read quite a few comics in my time. I was, and still am, a huge X-Man fan. As any comic book reader will tell you, there are some stories that stand out and Godzilla Cataclysm is one of them.


Mothra cosplay

Mothra cosplay

Gratuitous pic of Mothra cosplay with Dirk Benedict

Gratuitous pic of Mothra cosplay with Dirk Benedict

I still need to make some minor adjustments to my Mothra cosplay. I’ve also got a new piece for my steampunk cosplay that I’m very excited to try out at the next comic con I can get to. Honestly I don’t know how I could possibly top my Mothra cosplay and I plan to wear it to a lot of cons.

News of #PacificRim & #Godzilla and possibly #Scrapbooking

Pacific Rim II from the official Facebook page

Pacific Rim II from the official Facebook page

Pacific Rim II from the official Facebook page

It has indeed been a few weeks since I last posted, gentle reader, and for that you have my apologies. I took what was supposed to be a brief 1 week break after the last con and then flu season caught up with me.

This week I’d like to talk about some exciting news regarding Pacific Rim. Namely that not only is a sequel in the works but apparently Pacific Rim III is also in the works. Also my sources (Collider) say that Pacific Rim II is due to start filming in the fall of 2015. (It does pay to keep one’s ear to the nerd ground).

(Read the next line in Emperor Cusco’s voice from The Emperor’s New Groove) I’m so happy.

This is good and hopefully what will happen is that they will not release the next Godzilla movie the same year. There are three of those also planned. So far both the Pacific Rim sequel and the Godzilla sequel are slated for 2017. What would make this Kaiju loving fan very happy (not that anyone cares mind you) would be if the studio were to alternate years. This would keep movie audiences from getting Kaiju fatigue and spread out the treats so we get one each year instead of a bunch (read 2) in the same year.

Now about that scrapbooking. I used to do it way back in the day, when I had time, regular sleep, disposable income–you know, the good old days. I was recently looking back through one of my albums and asked myself an obvious question: Why am I not creating scrap book pages of my comic con adventures?

Also a quick and dirty update on my garden. This year I let it lay fallow. Fallow is code for, “I was too busy to put in my garden.” I missed it too. The hummingbirds were back and nested in the same tree. My flowers, since I cleverly planted perennials, bloomed and were gorgeous. Sadly my Gunnera did not survive a very late and very surprising snow storm. My goals for next year are to get the garden space ready for spring and replant the Gunnera as well as some more flowers.

Thank you for your interest and patience. K.

Godzilla Sequel Already in the Works

Godzilla has grossed nearly $200 million globally on its opening weekend. With numbers like that rolling in it’s no surprise that Warner Brothers and Legendary Pictures are already talking a sequel. Godzilla has opened number two, so far this year at the box office. There is already a Facebook page for the sequel, it appears that Gareth Edwards will be directing it, yay! Also the first tentative title is Godzilla II: Monster Island. Oh yeah. This is going to be good.

Gareth Edward’s Godzilla — A Fan’s Review

Promotional poster for Godzilla

Promotional poster for Godzilla

Promotional poster for Godzilla

By K. L. Zolnoski

For the record, gentle reader, I am a fan not a critic. I generally aim for spoiler free reviews but this one will have some minor spoilers. That being said, I saw Godzilla for the second time in two days today and I like it even more having seen it a second time. There are so many things that I missed on the first viewing that I caught on the second one.

There are at least two shout outs to classic Godzilla movies, and I’d be surprised if there weren’t more that I just haven’t noticed with everything else going on in the film, scattered throughout the new Godzilla. In one scene there is a chrysalis in a terrarium and the end of the name of the nuclear power plant is covered by the first part of the word mother and the pieces together read Mothra. In another scene there is a clear reference to King Ghidorah from Giant Monsters All Out Attack.

Gareth Edward’s Godzilla has an advantage of technology that classic Godzilla did not benefit from. For that reason I am pleased that the new Godzilla is subtly different from classic Godzilla. It does not demand that you choose between the two. They are clearly Godzilla (unlike 1998 Not-Godzilla) but different.

One thing that struck me about the new Godzilla is the sense of massiveness the movie is able to convey. In this movie there is a visceral sense of how huge and down-right massive Godzilla is as a creature that simply cannot be replicated by a man in a suit. The constraint of having to work with a man sized monster makes it impossible to truly convey the great size and earth-shaking impact something that size moving across the land would have. With modern CGI technology this was portrayed in a way that had an instinctive impact upon the viewer. The way the feet spread when they set down upon the ground, just like a real animal’s does was just one small example of how well done, and how well thought out this movie is.

I absolutely love the new origin story. While it holds true to the spirit of Godzilla’s original origin story, it is subtly different and new and I find that I like it even better than the original. The writers came up with some brilliant pseudo-scientific explanations for how Godzilla functions and a long-standing joke I make about Godzilla turned out to be true! (Warning, mild spoiler ahead). People who are not fans have asked me what Godzilla eats and I’ve been known to jokingly reply: Nuclear Subs. Ok maybe not specifically in this movie but by implication.

Godzilla promo shot

Godzilla promo shot

Speaking of nice touches, and spoilers, working in the nuclear testing at the Bikini Atoll was pure genius. Godzilla has always been associated with nuclear weapons, Gareth Edwards just took it a couple of steps farther; to great effect. Another thing I really appreciated was the inverse format. By which I mean this was a Godzilla movie where Godzilla attacked San Francisco, an American city, and the main character was a man of Japanese descent who worked with a cast of Americans. In classic Godzilla movies released in the US, it’s usually edited so that there is an American lead working surrounded by a Japanese cast. I found this inverse relationship quite delicious and Ken Watanabi was excellent in the role.

Now before I make my next comment, I don’t like the casual use of the term “sexy.” People misuse that term if you ask me. If; however, Godzilla were in any way sexy, or would be considered to have a screen shot that could be called, “sexy,” it would be of his iconic and unique dorsal spines. This would be especially true if there were female Godzillii (Godzillas?) too. Gareth Edwards uses this shamelessly and effectively. For the first part of the movie the only glimpse of Godzilla we get is of his dorsal spines. I also like how Godzilla is referred to in hushed tones as, “Him,” before we ever learn his name. Pure suspense genius.

The monsters behave like higher-level animals we know would. They emote and react to their environment and to threats throughout the movie in ways that I’ve seen dogs and cats do. It makes the monsters more real, more relatable in a small way to see them greet one another, to see them become angry or weary as they battle one another. This adds to the suspense and horror. Let me tell you, monsters are bad enough when they are mindless and driven purely by instinct. When you have intelligent monsters, even if they’re only as intelligent as, say, a dog (and frankly dogs are pretty smart for non-humans) that is truly terrifying.

Old school monster movies had a great deal of suspense about them. They were not about gore or shock value and Gareth Edwards held true to that. The movie was suspenseful and it followed through with an appropriate pay-off. The movie is well paced. It builds and builds until a cathartic payoff at the end that is worth every minute of the wait. K.

Going Dark for #Godzilla & #Kaiju Haiku #PacificRim

You may wonder, gentle reader, why I’ve gone dark the closer we get to the Godzilla movie’s release. As huge a fan as I am I don’t want the whole movie to be spoiled before I get to watch it. So as the internet hype has reached a fever pitch, I have gone dark. Rest assured I will review Godzilla, and if my review is not posted here I’ll let you know which webzine picks it up.

To tide you over, how about some original Kaiju Haiku? The only form of poetry I should ever be allowed to write.

Nuclear bomb
nature’s wrath

Ocean surges
City burns

Mystic singing
Tiny twin priestesses
summon Mothra

Kaiju surface
wage war against us
Gipsy Danger

(Yes and whether or not I should even be allowed to write Haiku is questionable, but here you go.) K.

Godzilla Wondercon footage OMG #Muto #Godzilla #cantwait

Official Godzilla Poster

I just found this gem on Gareth Edward’s Godzilla official Facebook page and OMG. I love it! I’m already gearing up to see the midnight showing on opening day. Check this out:

Well turns out this wasn’t official and WB has scrubbed it. My apologies, gentle readers.

Here’s the latest TV spot.