From In The Flesh meet the Persi Brothers

The Persi Brothers are independent owners of their own ship.  They are sailors and explorers in a world just being rediscovered by the survivors of the cataclysm.  Christopher is the elder brother and primary captain of their ship the Lorelei.  Stephan is the younger brother and knows water and weather.  He knows the ocean currents and her temperament.  Together they run a tight ship and while they don’t much care for authority figures on land, they are too tempted by the offer made to them to explore a newly discovered continent to pass it up, even if it means working for the crown.

Writer:s Block

Every writer contends with writer’s block now and again. Every writer has their own method for dealing with it. What works best for one person will not work for another. Some people find nothing so inspiring as a looming deadline. I find that if I write anyway, even if it is absolute rubbish, it will get me to thinking and by the next day I’ll have thought of something I can write that I like.

Having a daily goal is helpful for some people. For example, to write one chapter or a certain number of words or edit a given section. Sometimes when I’m really stumped for ideas going forward I find that going back and reading some of the stuff I’ve already written helps break through the writer’s block.

Give yourself permission to write any idea that pops into your head. Not all of your ideas will be good ones but if you give yourself permission to have bad ideas you will also have good ideas. Don’t get so hung up on only having good, brilliant ideas that you stifle your creativity. Accept that there will be bad ideas and that’s ok.

Those are some of my thoughts on writers block. To be perfectly frank, I’ve written this post because I’m wrestling with either writer’s block or a bad case of procrastination. Sometimes I can’t tell which. Now I’m off to write a bit and see what I come up with. I may delete the entire section I write tonight when I look at it tomorrow but at least I will have written and I will know what direction not to go.

From my new novel, meet Makis

In my new novel In The Flesh Makis is an alchemist.  He’s a shy, awkward young man who only really comes into his own as the adventure progresses and he begins to realize that the knowledge he has is more important than making soda to amuse the wealthy or making gun powder for the army.  He has never tried to turn lead into gold and he never will.  He knows that is impossible except under very specific circumstances he is not ever going to be able to recreate.  He has been asked about it though.  Of course he has.

Useful Websites for Writers

This is going to be pretty basic but, when writing Google is my friend.  If I need to look at someplace to write about it Google maps can take me there.  It adds a touch of reality to my writing.  I can look up things like Zen Warriors or Greco-Roman architecture    Also is great for when you’ve used the same word 5 times in a row and need a new way to say it.  Or for when you know the word you want to use but can’t think of it.  Also spelling, spell check and I do not get along.  My vocabulary is far more vast than the Microsoft vocabulary so if I need to double check, I just type a word into google and it’ll give me the correct spelling.

Wikipedia is ok to start with but I try to find more reputable sources for my research.  When writing if you can use real terms, or real things it gives the prose a believably that carries through the fantastic parts.  Writing fiction depends upon the reader willingly suspending their disbelief and joining you on a journey of some kind.  Using real things, places and terms gives the reader a place to start from.  At least in my opinion.


Update on my new novel In The Flesh: Meet Enyeto Tavrin.

Today I will start a series of posts introducing the main characters of my new novel In The Flesh.  Please meet Enyeto Tavrin:

Enyeto Tavrin is a short-ish man, wiry and nimble.  He’s a woodsman and tracker.  He’s got an almost sacred relationship with nature.  He knows plants and animals, he knowshabits and habitats.  He doesn’t spend a lot of time in the presence of large numbers of other people.  What his connection to the prince is, well that’s yet to be discovered.

I’m doing the NaNoWriMo thing 50k words in 30 days in celebration of National Novel Writing Month.  I enjoy writing on most days but having a quote is really giving me new appreciation for how authors under deadlines might feel.  Still it is very satisfying to see characters come to life as I write more and more about them each day.  The main characters are starting to gel and that is exciting.

Writing and Guest Blogging

Well, I’m about a third of the way into my next book.  This next one will be a work of fiction and I’m having fun writing it.  I hope when it’s done that people enjoy reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it.

Also I’ve been asked to do a guest blog post on Bookwyrme’s Lair which is exciting.  When it’s up I’ll include a link so you can take a look at it.  I’d suggest reading Bookwyrme’s Lair anyway because she has a lot of insightful things to say, great book reviews and excellent photography.

Update on The Shadow of The Hand of God, it went live for Print on Demand this week so it’s available in paperback right now at



Art and Advertisement

I have a friend who is a really good artist.  She is very talented.  She has a page on Facebook for anyone who maybe wants to commission cover art or something.  Her site is Dream In Color Media.  She’s amazing.


I also know a friend who used to write press releases professionally and might be interested in accepting commissions for writing press releases for other authors.  Let me know if you’re interested, email the site admin, it’ll get to me.

Print on Demand

I’m trying to get my book ready for print on demand through Createspace.  So far it hasn’t been too bad.  Took a while to proof it.  Then I wanted to change one little but important thing and pressed the wrong button, wholly my fault, but set my timeline for print back two days.  Worry not gentle reader, I will get it ready to go soon.