Loss, Recovery and Bookfinders

A week ago my laptop stopped displaying any visual content.  This was a bit of a panic situation as the entirety of my upcoming novel In The Flesh is on that machine.  The excellent people at Laptop Repair could not repair my machine for less than the cost of a new one but they were able to recover all of the data.  Yay!  So a week to get through all of that, get my data back and load it back into my software and we’re back on track although a bit delayed.

Now through tomorrow my first book the non-fiction memoir The Shadow of The Hand of God is being featured over at http://mad-gods.com/blog/?p=2274  Be sure to check them out.  They’re featuring indi authors all month and next.

Also the site I was talking about a month or so ago just went live http://www.bookmatchers.com/  So be sure to check them out too.



When Characters take on a Life of Their Own

Perhaps other authors have encountered this phenomenon, when a character starts directing what he or she will or will not do in a story.  It has happened to me several times. I will be writing with a clear plan in mind for a certain character and I’ll hit the point where something critical has to happen and suddenly the character seems to take over and the action goes in a completely different direction.  Characters will do things I never intended for them to do, they will say things that appall me that I would never say and never planned for them to say.

In my upcoming novel In The Flesh I have two characters who are arguing over who gets to do and say what.  I will write something fully intending for one of them to do it and the other will insist that he does it.  This has happened several times.

More fantastically the entire novel has taken on a life of its own.  I have had the story take turns I never planed it to take.  I just finished up a chapter I had to write and re-write 4 or 5 times.  Every time I wrote it the narrative seemed to go wrong for the novel.  Finally, like threading a needle, I managed to get it written correctly for the book.

Now I know the philosophical or analytical will go on about how this is my subconscious taking control of characters and story line, and that’s probably true.  But this means that the characters have far richer lives deep in my imagination than I’m even fully aware of and that is wonderful.

A website that matches readers to books they want.

I was cruising the Kindle boards this morning and discovered this website:  http://www.bookmatchers.com/

This ingenious individual has set up a site that tries to match readers with the kinds of books they like to read.  It also, naturally, tries to match authors with readers who might like their stuff.

I know I’m often overwhelmed when I go browse Amazon for new reading material.  I’m very specific in my wants and I don’t like to spend money on books that I end up not liking one bit.  Although I’m certain this won’t weed out every book that I don’t care for once I’ve finished reading it, it should help cut down on the percentage.

Take a look, see what you think and let me know if you’d be so kind.

NaNoWriMo Winner

That’s right gentle readers:  50,000 words in 30 days.  I surpassed that today by nearly 1k words.  In The Flesh is 2/3rds complete and I got a nifty web badge from the NaNoWriMo official site.  Also the past few days saw some real inspiration for some of the characters  and I feel like I’ve written some of my best work.

The badge is cool what with the Venn Diagram but the lightening bolt is just odd.

Winner Badge from the NaNoWriMo official site