Research and Writing

Although the scenes are brief where the knowledge is useful I have spent many days researching ship building and different ship designs for In The Flesh.  I have studied wooden sailing ships from the 1800’s and researched riveting and welding techniques for steel ships.  I researched the Titanic’s structure and that of the US Victory ships of WW II. I have also researched SWATH (Small-Waterplane-Area Twin Hull) ships  and their pros and cons.  I even did a quick Google browse of steampunk ships which is a genre that I am finding more and more interesting.  Not only do I enjoy research but I also feel it brings a bit of realism to what is a fictional tale.  As a nerd I enjoy this kind of detail in the books I read.  As a Science Fiction fan I like books that give me a taste of what is real along side the flights of imagination and futuristic speculation.

Today I feel I have written one of my best scenes yet and I hope when you read it, you will enjoy it as much as I have, even if you never know how much effort went into this labor of love.