Free ebooks from NASA

I downloaded the Hubble Discoveries ebook free from NASA and I must say it is spectacular.  Hubble has been taking gorgeous pictures of our universe since 1990.  I also got the Webb Telescope ebook but there are several others that are worth a look.

NASA is one of the great treasures of our Nation.    The Space Program has given us technology and a sense of achievement above any other program we have spent any of our national treasure on.  The amount of money we spend on it is such a pittance compared to what we spend on weapons of war and destruction.  Sometimes I imagine how much more our space program could do if we had the courage and vision to fund it, really fund it.

If we, and I know this is just a pipe dream but imagine for one minute, if we funded NASA the way we fund the Department of Defense.  We might have already colonized Mars.  If we funded NASA the way we fund our military complex we might have already sent explorers out to the stars.  We might have already solved the issue of global warming or unlimited energy or both and more.

This is within our reach.  If we have the will and we express to our politicians that we want to work for peace and scientific discovery and exploration as much as, if not more than we work for war and the military industrial complex.  I’m just saying.