Characters and Creatures

After several chapters that hit major plot points and set up important conversations and actions I have finally hit the chapter I thought I was ready to write before Christmas.  It’s funny how writing works like that sometimes.  I knew the overarching plot but how I was going to get there took more time and convolutions than I had originally imagined.  This is good for two reasons.  It makes the story richer and it gives me plenty of freedom to edit without worrying about cutting too much out of the story.

After spending so much time building the world and introducing the major players it is nice that the last few chapters have explored the characters more.  Writing dialogue is difficult and creating complex characters takes time and thought but I think it is as much fun as world building.

One struggle I’ve had is static description versus active description.  In one chapter I spent far too much time describing how a  creature looked that I gave a very good sense of in how the characters reacted to it later on.  I was able, thanks to one of my beta readers, to cut most of the static description out and just let the movements and actions give the reader a sense of what it is.  That is a lesson I hope I can keep with me as I continue to write.

It is my sincere hope to finish up the finale within the next week and start major editing.  If there are no more surprise plot twists that come to me as I’m writing, that should work out.