Cover Art and Evolution for In The Flesh

Cover art update for In The Flesh today. The artist I commissioned to do my cover art showed me a gorgeous sketch I just had a couple quibbles with it which she agreed to change for me. She’s absolutely one of the most talented people I know and I’m thrilled to see my concept come to life through her skill and talent. To help with it she asked me if the character I had chosen for the cover wore any jewelry. Well she does, a particular family heirloom that is also a symbol of her status. There is a huge difference between writing about something and sketching or painting it. When I imagine something I can let my imagination run free because I work with words. Rendering a complex and unfettered idea into an image is, I’m sure, very difficult. In this case I actually have a bit of sympathy for the artist. I am excited to see how she brings it to life with these new details.

I have also spent a good deal of time extrapolating evolutionary pathways for In The Flesh since it is set in a post apocalyptic future. I have extrapolated, estimated, guesstimated and also used some SWAGS and WAGS for certain things. Research can only take you so far and time constraints prohibit me from getting PhD’s in all of the fields I would need to really make some solid predictions. Still I think I’ve done a fair job of it and I know it’s been fun. My beta readers have given me a great deal of positive feedback on my creatures too.

As always, gentle reader and faithful follower, I hope you enjoy In The Flesh when it comes out. K.