In The Flesh Enters Final Chapters and Cover Art is Coming Along

Exciting news! I have named the final two chapters of In The Flesh and the names are right. Naming chapters is difficult. Often I don’t name a chapter until I start to write it because each chapter organically flows out of the one before it. Sometimes I have difficulty naming chapters because what I thought they would be is not what they turn out to be once they are written. Sometimes I have trouble because I did not select just the right word for the chapter name. One very important chapter I had to re-name 5 times.   It was a very important chapter too so it had to have the right name.

Other exciting news is that I think I only have 2 chapters left to write. If all goes according to plan (which almost never happens) the final piece of this story should be what I write this weekend.   The reason that sometimes extra chapters end up getting written is if something happens that requires a chapter break so nothing is set in stone, as they say, until I have written it.  That flexibility is necessary if the spark is to be kept in the story.  That feeling of life, the dynamic way a story flows requires a certain amount of flexibility.

So while others are watching the 49ers and the Ravens play the Superbowl I will, hopefully be putting the final touches on my latest novel.  Horay!

Finally I saw the update of the cover art and it is spectacular. The artist is so gifted and is doing such great work. I think I’m going to ok the latest cover art and go with it. Especially if I do actually get In The Flesh wrapped up this weekend.