Superbowl Sunday, Steampunk Ship for Book 2 and the Ending for In The Flesh Are On The Agenda For Today

Today is the Superbowl. The 49er’s and the Ravens will take the field for glory and the entertainment of fans everywhere. May they play well and without injury. We’ve got some great snacks planned here and have some people coming over.

While the game is on I plan to finish up the first draft of In The Flesh and give the final chapters to my copy editor. I hammered out the details of the final scene last night and just need to write them into the story. It is very exciting.

As a bonus I also hammered out the major story arc for book two which I’m tentatively naming Lorelei II or possibly Lorelei A after the steampunk style ship one of my characters has designed for their adventures. I’m seriously considering a steam powered rail gun to launch light weight gliders from the deck for reconnaissance over the coastlines of unexplored lands.

That is for another day though as I must finish In The Flesh first. Yesterday I spent the whole day tasking Google Earth to find and describe the final locations for In The Flesh and I am happy, very happy with what I’ve come up. I must confess I had to change one part of the book because I had beautifully described a pair of mountains only to discover they were no where near where I had put my characters. I am so glad I caught that before some alert reader did after I had published.

Anyway, enjoy the game, your friends and family those of you who make a to-do of Superbowl Sunday and thank you for your continued interest faithful and gentle readers. K.