In The Flesh Update, Godzilla Reviews on The Geek Girl Project and General News

Well, gentle reader, I haven’t posted too much this week. For that I apologize.  I have been extra busy finalizing the formatting to get In The Flesh ready for print on demand for those of you interested in a physical copy of the book.   I’ll look over the final proof today and if all is as it should be I’ll give the ok and next week sometime I should have a link where you can get a copy.

I also am planning on having In The Flesh available on Kobo and through iTunes.  I need to see what the hang up is over at Kobo and then get my hands on a mac to upload to iTunes.  In The Flesh is already avalible via Amazon for the kindle and other eReaders here.

In other news I was asked to write a series of articles about Godzilla for The Geek Girl Project, probably because they know I’m a squeeing Godzilla fan-girl.  I’m reviewing the movies, starting with the original Gojira and some comic books.

I’ll also do an article on Gatcheman and the upcoming live action movie coming out on that.  Now, keep in mind that I’m not a critic.  I’m a fan.

I plan to start outlining the sequel to In The Flesh next week and it is tentatively titled War In Flesh.