William Shatner & Stan Lee at the Portland Comic Con

Stan Lee Portland Comic Con 2014

Stan Lee Portland Comic Con 2014

The Portland Comic Con boasted an incredible line up of stars. Stan Lee, William Shatner, Ron Perlman, Bruce Campbell, Adam West, Burt Ward, Nicholas Brendon, Cassandra Peterson and so many others I don’t even remember. Of course with a line up like that and less than infinite funds some tough choices had to be made. For example, I could get Adam West’s autograph OR have my picture taken with Stan Lee. I could get Nicholas Brendon’s autograph OR have my picture taken with William Shatner. Sorry Batman and Xander, truly I am sorry.

I did get my photograph taken with Stan “The Man” Lee. There were so many people who wanted, and paid for, photographs that there was no time to say more than a quick, “hello,” to Stan Lee. He smiled brightly, straightening and seemed genuinely delighted to see us. He looked ready to chat, to share some story or something and I’m sure, had the people tasked with getting hundreds of people processed given him time he would have been happy to. As it was he kind of deflated just slightly when the camera person called, “Next!” It seemed to me that Stan Lee truly enjoys his fans. I should have gotten his photograph.

William Shatner Portland Comic Con 2014

William Shatner Portland Comic Con 2014

Next I had a photo op with William Shatner. He also truly enjoys his fans. He’s a warm and welcoming personality. Once again there wasn’t time to utter more than a hurried, “Thank you,” after the photo was snapped (and pray my eyes were open and I wasn’t making some stupid face since there were no retakes).

I had to get my photograph taken with William Shatner though. Even though I would have loved to have Adam West’s autograph, or Elvira’s. You see, many years ago William Shatner went to a Star Trek convention in a gorilla suit. I was at that convention. I walked right past the guy in the gorilla suit with the attendants and I clearly remember thinking to myself, “why would someone wear a gorilla suit to a Star Trek convention?” And I never knew until I read his book about it. You see there were some very particular and unique happenings at that convention and I knew some of the people involved.

I’m also one of this people for whom Star Trek made a huge difference. It was almost a life line to me as a nerdy bookish child. So you can imagine my angst when I read that chapter in his book and realized that I had walked right past him and not even realized it.

I would have shared that funny little story with him had there been any kind of time. I’m sure he would have enjoyed it. He struck me as genuine and caring.

I have yet to meet a star who wasn’t just a delight to meet. So far they have all been very thoughtful and pleased to meet their fans. I was not able to get Nicholas Brendon’s autograph but I did see him give autographs to two girls who were fans. It was very sweet. He gave them each a hug and played a guessing game with one of them. It’s really touching when a star who has a whole line of people waiting to get an autograph takes that extra two minutes to make a special memory for his fans.

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