Valentine’s Day, John Wesley Harding, Peter Buck, The Decemberists Benefit for My Music Rx and Children’s Cancer Association

Today is Valentine’s Day and I thought it would be appropriate to highlight two charities.  Love for our fellow mankind, and especially children, should be celebrated as much, if not more than romantic love.  To that end I share the following.

Last night, as part of Valentine’s Day I went to a concert hosted by John Wesley Harding who presented his Cabinet of Wonders show which featured a dozen or better artists to raise money and awareness for the Children’s Cancer Association and My Music Rx.  A good portion of The Decemberists were there along with the lead singer from Slater Kinney and Peter Buck from REM to name a few.  I was transported by the voices of Katie Lang and Storm Large.  There were readings by a couple of authors, one was shocking and thought provoking, the second equally thought provoking yet in a more subtle way.  There was comedy and music and it was truly a delightful show and a lovely evening.  That it benefits two very good causes only made the evening seem somehow more magical.

I’m including the url’s for both organizations.  Take a look.  They do good work. The first works to connect ill children with musicians and music to encourage and uplift the spirits of the children.  These very sick children get to meet the musicians and artist they admire and even learn to write music or play an instrument.  Music has power.  It can be a bright spot in an otherwise dark day and it can be an outlet for those who feel they have no other voice.  It can help children heal and bring them hope.

My Music Rx has an app where you can buy music through it via iTunes and part of the proceeds goes to this wonderful program.  It’s worth taking a look.  The app is free.


The second one works more specifically with children who have been diagnosed with cancer and their families.  Children’s lives should be filled with joy and joy also has the power to heal.  That is one of the many goals of the Children’s Cancer Association, to bring a little bit of joy into the lives of children who are facing serious illnesses and even death in the face.

It was touching to listen to the founder of CCA last night.  She lost a child to cancer and rather than letting that devastating loss cripple her she turned it into a lifelong passion to bring as much hope and joy to other sick children as she can.  Her story really touched me last night.



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