Editing, Feedback from Beta Readers and a Radical Alteration to the Ending of In The Flesh

I’ve made it through three full edits of In The Flesh since last I wrote.  The mechanical edit where I checked for spelling, grammar and syntax errors.  Two minor edits where I checked for particular consistency issues and now I’m on the final major edit.  This edit is where I flesh out (pardon the pun) the character interactions and really give the framework I’ve already created life.

I got great feedback from two of my beta readers and as a result I’ve radically changed the ending.  It was, as one beta reader pointed out, unbalanced in comparison with the rest of the novel.  Now I feel it is stronger and better balanced.   My beta readers have given me excellent feedback with real suggestions as to what could be improved.  I am very thankful for them.

Editing has fallen into a bit of a pattern for me.  I edit four or five chapters in the evening and then the next day I go over those chapters in the morning to make sure I like the edits.  I check for mechanical correctness and for continuity with the rest of the story.  There are also some things I don’t want to give away too soon in my attempts to make the characters more engaging.  Then once that’s done, usually by the afternoon, I go on to editing the next few chapters.

This process is taking quite a bit more time than I had anticipated it would but I am pleased with the results.  The narrative is stronger and more engaging.  I am still confident I will make a March release date.  K.

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I've been an author all of my life, I just didn't realize it until the Great Recession and I got laid off. With no job on the horizon and a need to keep myself engaged in something productive I began to seriously write. Oh, I've always written. I've written in secret. I've written fan fiction. I've written when I was too embarrassed to let anyone else, save my long-suffering sister see it. All that and it never occurred to me I was a writer until circumstances forced me to try my hand at self publishing. Sometimes it is funny how the universe has to show you what is right under your nose.
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