Emerald City Comic Con Approaches and a Kickstarter for Magic: The Gathering

In The Flesh is moving right along. I’m very pleased with the edits I got done last night. Dayyan Cantu is becoming a more well rounded character.

Emerald City Comic Con starts Friday and I’m getting very excited. I’ll be driving up on Thursday so I can be fresh and ready to go bright and early Friday morning. Carrie Fischer had to bow out due to medical problems. I hope she gets well soon. I’m still looking forward to seeing all of the other artists and actors and writers that I can squeeze into three days.

For you Magic: The Gathering fans out there, there is a Kickstarter project bringing together 30 of the original artists to make a book of art for fans. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1464555500/the-gathering-reuniting-pioneering-artists-of-magi

I will keep you updated and as always I do hope you enjoy reading. K

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