Recollections of the Emerald City Comic Con Pt. 3

This was originally posted on my FB author page on March 6th 2013.  I’m reposting it here for your enjoyment.

More stories from the Emerald City Comic Con. Today I want to talk about Christopher Lloyd whom we saw in a panel at the ECCC and also Felicia Day and Will Wheaton.

There was a time in the latter part of the last century when Christopher Lloyd seemed to be in everything cinematic. His resume is quite impressive. From his timeless role as Reverend Jim in Taxi, to Doc Brown in the Back To The Future trilogy, to Clue, to My Favorite Martian and a bunch of stuff in-between that I’m forgetting he was everywhere for a while.

Not only does Christopher Lloyd have this amazing voice but he has a range to it and to the cadence of his speech that is at once distinctive and simultaneously unique to each character he plays. We listened to him speak and he is just as wonderful in person as he is an actor. He is kind and thoughtful and just a bit mischievous. There is a spark inside of him that comes through in person and I think it is that spark that we all responded to in his films. It also helps that he loves to act. He was asked during the Q&A what his plans were for the future and he said, “Well, I love to work.”

We wanted to get his autograph, and I know it is difficult to believe but I’m not generally a huge autograph person but there were so many just wonderful guests at the ECCC that I got a few. Anyway, we wanted to get his autograph but our only chance was during our wait in line for Sir Patrick Stewart and we didn’t want to get out of that line. We had planned to nip on over to Christopher Lloyd’s line once we got Sir Patrick Stewart’s autograph but something happened. They had to close Christopher Lloyd’s line for some reason. I hope he was ok. I was afraid he might have hurt his hand signing autographs, hand cramps from writing too much hurt. He did come back after a bit but we didn’t have time to see him before going to see Dirk Benedict speak.

Which brings me to my next story and it is about an actress who surprised me in a good way. You see, I had no idea how awesome Felicia Day is in person. Oh, sure I saw her in Doctor Horrible and loved her role and I saw her guest appearances in Buffy The Vampire Slayer but she’d never really caught my attention. I wished her well in her career and she seemed ok but it was at this con that I came face to face with how awesome she really is.

Felicia Day and Will Wheaton were having a panel discussion just before Dirk Benedict was to take the stage, and they went 10 minutes over time (just sayin’). During the Q&A a young lady asked Felicia Day how she managed her career being this kick A** character while still maintaining her femininity. Felicia said (and I’m paraphrasing because it’s been a few days and my memory isn’t quite perfect), “I do what I want. If I wear something sexy it’s because I’m feeling sexy that day, if I wear something that’s more functional it’s because that’s what I want to wear. I play the games I want to play and I may not beat you at Call of Duty (or some other type game the specifics I forget) but I’ll kick your a** at Skyrim.”

At that point Will Wheaton hopped in to say, “if you’re the kind of guy who makes questions like this necessary then F-you.”

It was very heartfelt and very empowering for the girls who are also gamers and who face bullying, trolling and harassment every day because they like things that some, ignorant, people have decided that girls cannot like. We like what we like. I was told forever that I could not be a writer. Not in so many words but in the way I was taught that girls couldn’t like science fiction, and girls have a duty to put the needs and feelings of their men first all the time. That the only acceptable career paths for women were housewife and mother (yes I was raised in the heart of the Bible belt).

Do what you feel passionate about, play the games you like, be true to yourself, everyone. And in the immortal words of Rufus in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure: Be excellent to each other.

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