Characters for War In Flesh, How Characters Get Reincarnated in a Writer’s Universe and M31 Update

So yesterday I had the details of my main antagonist hammered out and the particulars of a fairly important plot point all tidied up and ready to go. Then came yet another hard part of writing for me: Naming characters who are destined to meet an unpleasant end.

In truth names are hard and the better the character the harder it is to name them. Especially with tragic characters. What I want is a name I like–but not too much. In In The Flesh I named one poor guy only to kill him off in the very same paragraph. Then I had remorse because after the fact, I realized that I really really liked the name I had given him. Also, in my case, with a name comes the seed of a character and I liked his little budding character.

Yes in one paragraph the potential of who this poor doomed character could be reached out to me, or from me, and I felt sorry he had to die. Thankfully, in my created universe reincarnation is real. It may be in the larger universe, I don’t know. I just know for sure that in my head, reincarnation of characters happens. More than one of my favorite characters started out as a bit player somewhere and as I continued to write stories they kept coming back and growing until they became fully fledged characters with many incarnations.

All of that to say that yesterday was pretty productive in that several characters were named who have small but important parts to play in War In Flesh.

This weekend, presuming nothing comes up that prevents it, I am planning on updating this site to improve it. With luck and Google I hope to get Facebook buttons and possibly Twitter buttons working on it. If there is anything else you would like to see please let me know. Thank you. K.

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I've been an author all of my life, I just didn't realize it until the Great Recession and I got laid off. With no job on the horizon and a need to keep myself engaged in something productive I began to seriously write. Oh, I've always written. I've written in secret. I've written fan fiction. I've written when I was too embarrassed to let anyone else, save my long-suffering sister see it. All that and it never occurred to me I was a writer until circumstances forced me to try my hand at self publishing. Sometimes it is funny how the universe has to show you what is right under your nose.
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