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I got a little bit more written for War In Flesh and I dreamed up a lot of scenes for Second Chances. I also got some work done on the secondary project I’m working on. Overall yesterday was a pretty decent day of writing, despite spending a good portion of it running errands.

Today I want to get to writing. I had some inspiration regarding War In Flesh that I need to get written before it gets away from me. Then I’d like to do some more on Second Chances. I really want to finish up the Gatchaman article I’m working on for The Geek Girl Project too. So a very busy day just in what I’d like to get done for writing and that doesn’t include all of the regular chores and what-not I have to do.

I need to take a look at which Godzilla movie is next in the line up and maybe I can watch that while I iron. It’s going to be a fun day. K.

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I've been an author all of my life, I just didn't realize it until the Great Recession and I got laid off. With no job on the horizon and a need to keep myself engaged in something productive I began to seriously write. Oh, I've always written. I've written in secret. I've written fan fiction. I've written when I was too embarrassed to let anyone else, save my long-suffering sister see it. All that and it never occurred to me I was a writer until circumstances forced me to try my hand at self publishing. Sometimes it is funny how the universe has to show you what is right under your nose.
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