War In Flesh Inspiration, Orphans and Gardening

Yesterday was a dream day for work on War In Flesh. Well dreamy in the sense that I had so many ideas that a whole chapter just poured out of me with little trouble. Not so dreamy in the sense that I had a ton of other things to do which cut my writingpalooza very short.

I’m hoping to pick up today where I left off yesterday on War In Flesh and maybe even get some more work done on my space opera now tentatively called Orphans, which is far better than Second Chances. That is still just a working title and may change if I think of something better (and I kind of hope I do).

I was so busy I didn’t get a chance to watch the results show for Dancing With The Stars and see who made it to next week. I’ll try to find time for that today but no promises.

I got a ton of weeding done in the garden. Unfortunately I have more than a ton of weeding to do still. In fact, despite my belief that herbicides are evil and damage the planet, I may have to break down this once and get something to deal with the Himalaya Blackberries that will not give up no matter how many times I cut them back and dig them up.

I did get some cool perennials to plant if I ever get the garden dug out and I’m excited to put raised beds in. This is a labor intensive project though so it will take quite a bit of time. Especially since I am weeding by hand everywhere I can. K.

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I've been an author all of my life, I just didn't realize it until the Great Recession and I got laid off. With no job on the horizon and a need to keep myself engaged in something productive I began to seriously write. Oh, I've always written. I've written in secret. I've written fan fiction. I've written when I was too embarrassed to let anyone else, save my long-suffering sister see it. All that and it never occurred to me I was a writer until circumstances forced me to try my hand at self publishing. Sometimes it is funny how the universe has to show you what is right under your nose.
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