iTunes, Createspace, Scrivener, Nook and Formatting

Today has been crazy busy. I’ve been formatting In The Flesh for iTunes. I know, I know. I put it on the back burner for a while because I was having trouble finishing the final upload. But I had to change the cover art for Createspace (I’ll get to that rant in a minute) since I have a small ad hitting in June and I was unhappy with what had been done to my gorgeous cover art to fit their dimensions. So I went ahead and took a break from War In Flesh to re-read In The Flesh, as you know, to make sure it was as polished as could be and fix the cover art that has been tasking me before the ad hits.

Since I started that I have gone ahead and downloaded the app I need to get it ready for iTunes. That’s been my project for the past couple of days. It was supposed to work from Scrivener and I’m sure it does from the App but I had the non-app software and I didn’t want to shell out another $50.00 to get an app of a program I already paid for, twice (once for my pc and then again when I migrated to my MacBook Air).

Scrivener is mostly wonderful and it saved each chapter as its own word doc for me which is making it far easier to load into the iBook app than if I had to scroll through the whole thing as a single document. Also it’s easier to keep track of chapter numbers since it numbered them for me when it compiled, than going into Scrivener itself and copying them out of that.

Createspace is a royal pain in the posterior. I’m half convinced that it is woefully underdeveloped as a cagey way to get people to just pay for their services out of frustration. Not only will they not size an image to their stock sizes, but also they will not accept a picture that has to be cropped just a little, even though the part that was inside the crop lines was acceptable to me. Their internal review process decided that it wasn’t ok the way it was. Their templates for creating a cover are extremely limited. They will not put a table of contents in the book either and they won’t accept my Scrivener file that does put one in there so I’m going to see if the iBook app has a solution before I brute force one and manually add it. I wasn’t even going to have a print on demand version since I barely make anything on the book due to the printing costs being so high, and the days of my life I spend wrestling with the interface and formatting. But I had some people ask and I couldn’t say no.

If the iBook experiment works that should make a formatted version that I can also upload to Barnes and Noble for the Nook. They changed their parameters since I last used them and I ran out of patience before I managed to get In The Flesh uploaded there.

Yes I could go through an aggregator but those are dicey and, to be honest, there isn’t a lot of money to be made as a self published author to begin with and aggregators take a sizable chunk out of what royalties there are. And that’s if you get a reputable aggregator and not one that does nothing for you and doesn’t even report how much you should have made before their cut.

The good news is that so far I’m liking iBook Creator and I have high hopes for what it will produce for me format wise. I will keep you updated, gentle reader. K.

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I've been an author all of my life, I just didn't realize it until the Great Recession and I got laid off. With no job on the horizon and a need to keep myself engaged in something productive I began to seriously write. Oh, I've always written. I've written in secret. I've written fan fiction. I've written when I was too embarrassed to let anyone else, save my long-suffering sister see it. All that and it never occurred to me I was a writer until circumstances forced me to try my hand at self publishing. Sometimes it is funny how the universe has to show you what is right under your nose.
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