Antarctica Under The Ice and Other Details for In The Flesh

Well I decided to put part of the action for In The Flesh in Antarctica but on the actual land mass not the ice cap.  To do this I had to do some research.  As I stated in an earlier blog I tend to write with several browser windows open:  Wikipedia, and Google Earth have been extremely useful to me.

The continent of Antarctica is very broken up and much of it is below sea level due to the immense weight of the ice cap that sits on top of it.  Much like the Great Lakes area of the North American continent I suspect when the ice melts it will rise as the Earth’s crust, currently held down by the weight an interior ice sheet that is approximately 2 vertical miles thick rebounds.  That ice sheet sets below sea level in many places.  The average thickness of ice if the total were spread over the entire continent is 1.6 kilometers or about a mile.  This has made writing both very difficult and given me a bit of freedom.  See when that land mass rebounds and rises we don’t precisely know what the surface will look like.  We, and by we I mean scientists, can make educated guesses but there will be a ton of things to take into account, like glacial till and the unevenness of the melt and rebound.

At first I was stumped because I wanted to stick as close to geology as possible.  Then I realized that with all of the variables I could in fact take some educated creative licence.  As with so many things I have tried to do well for this book, it has made demands of me that I never expected when embarking upon this literary adventure.  I find myself continually excited and pushing the boundaries of my own creativity.

I can only hope that those who read In The Flesh enjoy it because it has truly become a labor of love.  You, observant reader, may have also noticed a slight name change.  Since I am new to the arena of authorship I have been trying to find my comfort zone as far as writing styles, how to share tid-bits with interested readers and what author name I would like to use.  I have settled on the traditional way of naming myself with my initials and sir name.

The last and final detail and one I have not quite settled yet is the measurement system to use in my book.  Since it is science fiction in genre and spirit I am tempted to go with the metric system.  Because my main audience will be in the United States, at least at first, and because I live in the US, I am well versed in the US method of feet, yards, miles.   Because my first love is science fiction and I hold a degree in civil engineering I am easily able to switch to centimeters, meters, kilometers.  All I need to do is make a decision and be consistent.     Currently I have written it with the US system, but am leaning heavily towards the metric system.  If you have an opinion, now might be the time to comment.