Movies I’m Looking Forward To In 2014

Official Godzilla Poster

Official Godzilla Poster

Official Godzilla Poster

This being the start of a new year I thought it might be apropos to share some of the movies I’m looking forward to seeing in 2014.

Of course Godzilla. I am in a state of heightened anticipation for the new Godzilla movie. Legendary Pictures, which did Pacific Rim–so you know the special effects will be superlative; has teamed up with Warner Brothers to produce a new Godzilla movie. Unlike the Sony/Tristar pictures Godzilla (Notgodzilla) of 1998 this Godzilla looks like Godzilla. From what I’ve seen of the trailer and the snippets of teasers released so cleverly at the Godzilla encounter web site, it looks like director Gareth Edwards and writers Max Borenstein and Dave Callaham have returned to Godzilla’s roots.

Once again Godzilla is a force of nature, an avatar for nuclear destruction and war. Also very territorial so that Godzilla doesn’t so much save humanity as defend his turf from interlopers and invaders. Rather than a benevolent and perhaps even friendly (ugh) creature as we saw in the 70’s, Godzilla is once again a terrifying titan stomping over the Earth. Due for theatrical release on May 16, I am already counting down the days. Actually I don’t have to, Godzilla is already doing it for me. Please enjoy the trailer. It played on the big screen before The Desolation of Smaug.

In Saturn's Rings

In Saturn’s Rings

Next up is a little independent film called In Saturn’s Rings. I wrote about this previously and I’m still excited about it. Filmmaker Stephen Van Vuuren has taken in excess of 1.2 million still photographs of Saturn and our solar system as taken by NASA’s Cassini, Hubble and other space craft and is threading them together in an amazing movie about the wonders of our universe that will culminate in a flythrough of the Saturnian system. It’s spectacular to watch and the beauty is not only a testament to the wonder of our universe but also the painstaking care of the filmmaker in putting these together with innovative visual techniques he invented himself. The film is being made in 6k resolution and will be shown on massive concert screens, IMAX and dome screens.

In Saturn’s Rings has already reached it’s Kickstarter goals but they can still use donations, this is an independent film. It is set for release sometime in 2014. I’ll be keeping an eye out for it because I’m really looking forward to seeing the completed film. This is the trailer and it is breathtaking.

How To Train Your Dragon 2

How To Train Your Dragon 2

How To Train Your Dragon 2 is coming out in 2014 and I got goosebumps once again watching Toothless and Hiccup fly in the trailer.


Avengers: Age of Ultron. Oh yes. I’ll be seeing this one. Joss Whedon is once again at the helm and I’ve been a Marvel girl forever.

Interstellar, directed by Christopher Nolan and starring Anne Hathaway, looks like it could be a good science fiction romp. This movie involves a wormhole which space farers use to travel vast distances. With such a sparse plot overview to base anything on I’d have to give it even odds. If they play it straight it could become a classic of the genera. If they don’t trust the material or the idea and throw stuff in to make it more “exciting,” it’ll be another Sunshine or Event Horizon.

The Edge of Tomorrow, starring Tom Cruise, also looks interesting, although with a premise that could lead to confusion and ruin the impact the movie is going for. If the writers and director handle it right it could be a classic, if they don’t it’ll sink. While that is technically true of every movie, any movie where time travel or reincarnation is a major plot point carries a higher inherent risk than more straightforward, linear movies.

Guardians of The Galaxy, yeah I’ll give that one a try. It always reminded me of the Justice League a bit and I never really warmed up to it. Speaking of the Justice League. There’s Supposed to be a Justice League movie coming out. I haven’t been as impressed by the DC attempts at making their comics into movies but Batman and Superman were good and it’s about time Wonder Woman made an appearance. Maybe this time DC will treat the woman like a human being as opposed to self-propelled eye candy for men ala Catwoman. That would be a vast improvement.

X-Men Days of Future Past also is on the list. I was an X-Man fan before I became a Marvel girl and I was very disappointed with what they did in the third movie of the first attempt to build a franchise out of this team. I hope they stay true to the characters.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Amazing Spider-Man 2, and Transcendence are others I’ll probably check out. Ant-Man rates a solid “Meh” in my opinion. I’ve never liked the character and I actually despised him when he beat and tried to murder Wasp. I don’t think wife beaters are heroes, I don’t care how you try to spin it and I don’t care what else they do, the fact is that they are bullies and monsters.

Now most of these movies I’ll end up watching when they hit DVD or Netflix. I don’t go to many movies in the theater so it’s kind of a big deal when I do. I will see Godzilla and In Saturn’s Rings in the theater and also the Avengers: Age of Ultron.

While not likely in 2014 I keep hearing whispers of a sequel to Pacific Rim. You can rest assured if that ever becomes official I will be all over it.

Those are some of my picks for movies to see in 2014. I hope everyone of you has a year filled with hope, love and opportunity. K.

Cosplay Panel at The Rose City Comic Con

Cylon & Batmobile

RCCC Cosplayers

RCCC Cosplayers

Yes there was actually a “Cosplaying 101” panel at the Rose City Comic Con. As you know, gentle reader, I find the cosplay an equal draw to the Con as the celebrities who graciously attend. It makes me happy to see other people dress up as their favorite characters, it makes me happy to see people express themselves and have such an uplifting creative outlet. I, personally, feel that it is good and healthy for people to let their imaginations run free and to express themselves so beautifully. Stepping down from my soapbox, it is just a wonderful extra bit of joy that cosplayers bring to cons.

The other thing about cosplayers is that they are happy to talk about their creations, the characters that inspire them and the trials and tribulations of costume design and crafting. The Cosplay Panel at the RCCC was every bit as informative as you might expect. The best bit of advice was at once surprising and eminently practical: Plan for a way to use the restroom and always take into account the weight of the costume. It’s one of those things that gets forgotten in the frenzy of costume creation and yet is so important. It seems small but it is of vital importance.

Cylon & Batmobile

Cylon & Batmobile

They also suggested lurking about ebay to find the pieces to construct your costume. Often times you don’t need a full sheet of something and a scrap or bit from another crafty person will do. You can build some really nice costumes without spending a mint. In fact I’m planning on taking that advice for some of the pieces for the costume I would like to put together.

The biggest thing though is to not be afraid or intimidated. It’s the joy and love that you bring to the cosplay that really makes it, not the professional seamstressing. Not that professional seamstressing doesn’t show in a well made costume but that’s not the point of it. It’s just a nice bonus.

HISHEdotcom Superman Alternate Ending–Too Funny!

If you read my review of Man Of Steel you would know that I found the movie overall good but the ending a letdown. HISHEdotcom felt the same way, it seems and made this awesome youtube video. Please enjoy and if you do feel free to give them a like on YouTube or Facebook for their humor and creativity. K.

Portland Comic Con Saturday Impressions

My impressions of the Portland Comic Con from Saturday: Wow there were some amazing cosplayers with some amazing costumes both homemade and store bought. I’m going to start with my personal choice for the best costumes of the day then tell you who all I saw (character wise). My choice for best costumes go to a mother and her two children, a boy around 10 and a girl around 8 near as I could tell. They were, from youngest to oldest: Princess Jasmine, The Doctor (Matt Smith’s doctor) and River Song. Every time I saw them it warmed my heart. Parenting, you’re doing it right.

Also represented were: A Dragon under construction, Phoenix, Wolverine, Storm, She Hulk, Rorshach, The Invisible Man, Mass Effect and any number of other assorted space marines, Vampirella, a variety of Lokis, Thor, Spiderman (several, including one in the black Spiderman costume who really should not have gone commando), several Captain Americas (including one who looked absolutely delicious), a couple of Poison Iveys, some Harley Quinns, three or four Wonder Women, Batman, Batgirl, old school and new school catwomen, Zombie Trekkers, Cinderellas of all ages, Princess Aurora, Belle, Link, Goku, Sonic, Galactus, Assorted elves, Green Lantern, quite a few Doctors (Smith and Tennant), Strawberry Shortcake (PG rated), a handful of awesome anime characters that sadly I could not identify, and a lot of others I either couldn’t identify or can’t remember right now.

I actually felt too normal at the convention but I love seeing all of the costumes people make. I love seeing people dressed up and having a good time. It was mobbed. There were so many people in there I couldn’t even get to some of the tables. The river of humanity swept me right past Henry Winkler signing autographs. But everyone was as polite as could be given the press of humanity. Some very kind gentlemen actually got up and offered myself and my companions their seats when we got a bite to eat.

We’re going back today. Brent Spiner is going to be there and I expect to see a lot more Trekkers out.

I think for the Emerald City Comic Con I’ll look into making a nice Steam Punk costume to wear.