Portland Comic Con Saturday Impressions

My impressions of the Portland Comic Con from Saturday: Wow there were some amazing cosplayers with some amazing costumes both homemade and store bought. I’m going to start with my personal choice for the best costumes of the day then tell you who all I saw (character wise). My choice for best costumes go to a mother and her two children, a boy around 10 and a girl around 8 near as I could tell. They were, from youngest to oldest: Princess Jasmine, The Doctor (Matt Smith’s doctor) and River Song. Every time I saw them it warmed my heart. Parenting, you’re doing it right.

Also represented were: A Dragon under construction, Phoenix, Wolverine, Storm, She Hulk, Rorshach, The Invisible Man, Mass Effect and any number of other assorted space marines, Vampirella, a variety of Lokis, Thor, Spiderman (several, including one in the black Spiderman costume who really should not have gone commando), several Captain Americas (including one who looked absolutely delicious), a couple of Poison Iveys, some Harley Quinns, three or four Wonder Women, Batman, Batgirl, old school and new school catwomen, Zombie Trekkers, Cinderellas of all ages, Princess Aurora, Belle, Link, Goku, Sonic, Galactus, Assorted elves, Green Lantern, quite a few Doctors (Smith and Tennant), Strawberry Shortcake (PG rated), a handful of awesome anime characters that sadly I could not identify, and a lot of others I either couldn’t identify or can’t remember right now.

I actually felt too normal at the convention but I love seeing all of the costumes people make. I love seeing people dressed up and having a good time. It was mobbed. There were so many people in there I couldn’t even get to some of the tables. The river of humanity swept me right past Henry Winkler signing autographs. But everyone was as polite as could be given the press of humanity. Some very kind gentlemen actually got up and offered myself and my companions their seats when we got a bite to eat.

We’re going back today. Brent Spiner is going to be there and I expect to see a lot more Trekkers out.

I think for the Emerald City Comic Con I’ll look into making a nice Steam Punk costume to wear.