Emerald City Comic Con Recollections Pt. 2: Adam West, Burt Ward and Larry Elmore

This is the second in a series of posts I intend to do about my adventures at the ECCC this past weekend.  Like the previous post this first appeared on my author page over on Facebook.  This one was published March 5th 2013.  To continue with the article:

There was so much nerdish fun that I want to savor the memories and it is really too much for one single post. I hope, gentle reader, that you do not mind the diversion while I write these posts up. I also hope you enjoy seeing a comic con through my eyes.

There were so, so many people I wanted to see and panels I wanted to attend that I had to make some hard decisions. Mike Mignola of Hellboy fame had a panel discussion across from Adam West and Burt Ward.

While I did get a book The Year In Monsters signed by Mike Mignola in the end we chose to see Adam West. Adam West who although is a bit of a sexist is just about as charming and delightful as you could want a person to be. He has this way about him, a way of viewing himself and the world that is just engaging and, I hate to overuse the word, but charming.

Adam West knows how to laugh at himself and he is very grounded. His humor isn’t cruel, it’s more self effacing but gentle, which is to say that he doesn’t put himself down to get a laugh but he makes it clear that he doesn’t take himself too seriously either and that’s a tough line to walk. He pulls it off with aplomb. There is a hint of mischief about Adam West too and that is just as delightful as everything else about him. As Burt Ward said during the discussion, Adam West knows just how far he can push things and he pushes it right up to the breaking point but never goes too far. Also, I could listen to Adam West talk all day. He’s got a great voice and his cadence is as charming as everything else about him.

Burt ward was fantastic. He had a lot of great stories to tell. It appears that he sacrificed his body for the show on more than one occasion. In fact it seems, by the stories, that he was injured in the shooting of just about every episode. Perhaps not that bad but he got hurt a lot. He was very game about the whole thing and seemed to enjoy himself. You could tell he is a great gentleman but he just didn’t have the charisma that West has.

Burt Ward was the darling of the autograph signings though. When people would go up to him to get an autograph he would ask if they had a dog. If they answered, “Yes,” he would give them the pitch for the dog food he’s promoting.

I also spoke to Larry Elmore while he signed a limited edition lithograph of Dragon Mage for me. He was very gracious and chatty. His line moved slowly but it was no issue because he was so fascinating to speak to. I was the first person to mention the trading card set he had done (dating myself quite nicely). He seemed surprised and delighted that I knew of it and he told the following story:

“When I was first approached to do the trading card set I was offered a bit of money up front and then a royalty, a small percentage, to follow if they sold. Now, this was the first time I ever made any real money with my art. They offered me $10,000 for doing the set and it was a lot of money. So I did it and thought, that was nice and maybe I’ll get a couple hundred dollars every quarter from the royalties or something like that. Then I forgot about it until they called me later on and said they were going to send me my royalty check. They said that trading card set sold out the fastest of any set they had ever printed. And I thought to myself, “Wow! That’s great, maybe I’ll get $1,000 for my check.”

Well the representative said, “I’m sending you a check for $30,000.”

I was just blown away! I couldn’t believe it.”

And that’s the story Larry Elmore told us because I mentioned something no one else had. Over the next few days I will write about Dirk Benedict, Sir Patrick Stewart and hopefully Christopher Lloyd. Oh and there was an awesome “Girl on Fire” dress from the Hunger Games cosplayer. She clearly had designed and made it herself but it was fabulous. Alright gentle reader I will leave you with that since this post had gotten longer than I intended.

For those interested in my upcoming book In The Flesh, the editing is coming along nicely despite a few technical difficulties.