World Building and Strange Creatures for In The Flesh

I write science-fiction because I like to build worlds.  I write because I like to explore relationships.  One of the most fun things I get to do when writing is design new creatures to populate my world.  Sometimes the new creatures aren’t all that new.  Most times they’re not that different from what we expect to encounter if we go to certain places in our own world but once in a while a new one gets to be dreamed up.  Such is the case with one I just finished fleshing out for the latest chapter of In The Flesh.

It is difficult to describe in words what can be plainly seen in the mind’s eye.  It is very difficult to try to make something that is unknown currently, or is different or has some kind of twist to make it different from what we are accustomed to.  It’s very time consuming but also fun.

Strange creatures, just like new worlds have to be internally consistent otherwise they won’t work.  I’ve found that the better the planning, the more I’ve developed a creature just like the more I flesh out the underlying world the better I can write it and the more smoothly it fits into the story line.

Writing is a joy for those who write but good writing takes just as much thought and planning as actual writing.  Often times it takes more thought and planning than the actual writing.  That is part of my creative process, for what it’s worth.  It does slow the writing down and occasionally gets in the way of the pure creative process where I write as it comes to me but I find that I can write better in a more creative way and with much more freedom if I know what the bounds are that I must stay within to keep my world and the creatures and people who inhabit it consistent with the internal logic.  I’m sure this is not how every author works.  It is just how I work.