A Day Derailed and Prayers for Boston and all my Runner Friends

Hopefully it goes without saying that our prayers are with the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings and we wish Godspeed to those in law enforcement who are seeking the insane individuals behind it.

Most of this blog was written before the horrific events in Boston hit the 24-hour news cycle. I’m including the original here because to do otherwise would be to let evil win out. These things happened and these were my thoughts and actions before I learned of what had happened.

I spent a considerable part of my day trying to get In The Flesh uploaded to iTunes. I’m running into some real problems with that. iTunes Producer says it has uploaded my file but when I check the metadata it says there is no content. This is disturbing on many levels. I’ve spent most of my time since then trying to find out what the problem might be.

I’m using Scrivener for Mac on a MacBook Air and I’m using iTunes Producer. It shouldn’t be all that difficult. I did find one article on how to go into the code and brute force it through but I hate looking at code, I really do. I would rather do a huge thermodynamic problem than sift through code.

I’m going to keep looking. What is really frustrating is that I had no problem getting a proof copy uploaded to my iPad to read it and check for errors. Speaking of which I found a huge and strange error where it looked like some foreign word was smashed into another word in one chapter, probably the result of the jumpy mouse on that cursed Acer I had. I’ve corrected that and it is fixed on Amazon and should be on Kobo.

Since I have the ePub already compiled I might as well dive into getting In The Flesh up on Barnes and Nobel too. Between that and iTunes today will be a loss for creating new content for War In Flesh, which is a shame because things were just starting to get good there. Although, who knows. Maybe one or both will go well and I can move on.

The Geek Girl Project posted my review of Cloverfield as part of the monster movie series of reviews I’m doing as a run up to the 2014 Godzilla movie release. Cloverfield was a bad movie and my review reflects that. Look for my review of IDW’s Godzilla #11 comic this week and Godzilla vs. Mothra. I’m also working on an article about Gatcheman for TGGP and I may cross post it here as well.

I’m posting links on Tumblr for M31 Publishing and I can’t help but wonder if that is a big waste of time for me. I’ve been trying to be more of a presence on Goodreads but with my computer issues of late that’s been difficult. Because time is at a premium I really need to be careful about how I chose to spend it. Between blogging, maintaining a presence on Facebook and trying to get some actual work done on War In Flesh my day gets used up pretty quickly. And that doesn’t even take into account the day to day chores of life: laundry, dishes, getting groceries, cooking and picking up around the place. (As a side note it seems that I haven’t done dishes unless I’m wearing a half gallon of soapy water and can mop just from spillage.)

It was after all of this that I turned on the television and saw what had happened. Like everyone else my day came to a screeching halt as my heart went out to those who were so brutally violated on what should have been a joyful day. I am just heartbroken about what happened in Boston as is everyone I know. I know a lot of runners and the impact upon my friends has been huge. They feel this deeply and I with them. Even though we were fortunate that none of my personal friends was running the Boston Marathon, I know many of them secretly dream of qualifying and making it there. I ache for them and for everyone else physically and emotionally harmed by the actions of a sick few, or one.

My Review of The Croods Published on The Geek Girl Project & Research Day for War In Flesh

My review of The Croods was published on The Geek Girl Project yesterday. I’m very happy about that. I’ve been submitting a series of Godzilla reviews for publication over at TGGP also if you are interested in reading more of my work. It’s been a lot of fun to write for them.

Yesterday I meant to get a lot more writing done for War In Flesh but alas, some things came up and I was unable to do as much as I would have liked to do. Today I’m afraid I’m going to have to set aside as a research day. I simply must hammer out the details of a particular plot point before I can go any further. I’ve got a mental back up going on because of this plot point and due to being very linear in the way I think and work I am compelled to get this out of the way before I can write some of the scenes I can visualize for the novel.

I also have to come up with a bunch of names for new characters. Some of whom, I’m afraid, meet with rather tragic endings. The major antagonist is insisting on a rework and upgrade already. That’s a good sign. When a character is insisting upon certain things that bodes well for their part in the story. Today, providing nothing comes up I will get those things done and hopefully get back to writing this evening. How did this come about? Well I was doing laundry and suddenly the antagonist popped into my head as a new kind of character with a new kind of relationship to some of the other characters. I think it will make for a more interesting story and a better, more complex character.

Oh, I’m also over on goodreads and Kindle boards if you want to chat there and I have a Facebook author page you can like where I try to check in every day. As always I hope you enjoy reading what I’ve written. K.

Update on War In Flesh

Well, gentle reader, I had to take a few days off from writing and blogging but I’m back and ready to get busy. I’ve already started the first chapter of the sequel to In The Flesh, the working title being War In Flesh. The outline is not quite done yet but I had some great ideas about the first chapter and I wanted to get them written down before I got distracted and forgot. The second book in the Children of Flesh trilogy will include more exciting adventures, danger and I plan to get the romance I hinted at in the first book moving along.

I’m on Goodreads, though it’s taking me a bit of time to get everything set up for an author account. Also, I must confess, it is difficult for me to get into conversations. I hate to post if I don’t have anything meaningful to add to a thread and so often by the time I find a good one someone else has said what I thought of. I’m sure you understand how that works. In the next few days I’ll start an author discussion thread for In The Flesh so hopefully that will help everyone who is interested find me.

As always I hope you enjoy reading what I’ve written. K.