Gardening and War In Flesh Progress

Today I made major progress on War In Flesh. I gave up on trying to create a new setting for the world and have started engaging with the characters more. I think this will make for a more dynamic and interesting narrative. I’m rethinking the entire outline and now trying to figure out how to get KERS worked in. Still struggling with a particular plot point that if I can pull off will be pretty fun.

I also made major progress in the garden. I think I’ve earned a cold one and a night of watching Bones or Castle. K.

Rereading In The Flesh and getting more ideas for War In Flesh

I’ve almost finished rereading In The Flesh. I really did advance the romantic interest pretty well. I do need to stop pussyfooting around and just get to writing it in War In Flesh. I’m getting a better feel for how I want the story to continue also, so this exercise has been very productive.

I’m still loving KERS for the next thing Ziya designs so I’ll be working on that device for her. War In Flesh is going to go slightly more Steampunk than In The Flesh did, although a steam powered SWATH ship is pretty cool if you ask me. Not very environmentally friendly though, I’m afraid. I will keep you updated gentle reader. K.

Memorial Day, KERS and Reviews for The Geek Girl Project

Today we gather with friends and family to remember and honor those who have sacrificed everything for our way of life. My Stepfather passed away 3 weeks ago. He served as a Marine for many years. So this year it’s special in another way for us.

I still need to do more research on KERS systems. What I really need, well I don’t want to give away any plot points but I’ve got some logistics to figure out for War In Flesh.

Also my review of Epic went live on The Geek Girl Project yesterday and tomorrow my advanced review of Titan Comic’s It Came will go live. One I enjoyed and the other not so much (not necessarily in that order). K.

A Cornucopia of Topics Including War In Flesh and Dancing With The Stars

Yesterday I was busy. And then horrible things happened in the Midwest. And then I was busy again. Today I have to catch up on War In Flesh.

I need to do some serious research on KERS systems because I had a vision for War In Flesh that I discarded as being unworkable but it won’t leave me alone. I think Kinetic Energy Return Systems may be the way to make it work. Steam powered rail guns have been around for a while so i can maintain the technology level I’ve set up for the world.

Oh! I just had an idea! Wheeeeee!

But I digress. I have to take a serious look at how I designed the Lorelei II and see if I can get a railgun on it. That’s going to be a ton and a half of fun.

Dancing With The Stars, I so hope Zendaya wins. And I’m so sorry I watched the last episode of Bones that Netflix has. No I’m not sorry I watched it, I’m sorry that’s the last one they have.

Oh! And my review of Star Trek Into Darkness is up on The Geek Girl Project.

I’m reworking the cover for the paperback issue of In The Flesh. What we had to do to the original art to make it comply with the print on demand site, createspace, was terrible. Createspace really goes out of their way to make self publishing difficult. I’m hoping to have it updated and available in a couple of days. The ebook is unaffected by this. K.

War In Flesh, KERS, Steampunk, and The Persi Brothers Take Over

Alright I’m on day 2 of just thinking about what I really want to do with War In Flesh and I’ve come to realize that I need to correct an egregious oversight. I wanted book 2 to be more about the romances I hinted at in the first book and so far I’ve got nothing much. Plus I separated the party which goes against rule #1. I also haven’t spent much time on the pair I want to be the main characters.

Of course for those who read the first book, In The Flesh, it will come as no surprise that the Persi brothers and their friend Makis have kind of taken over the lead. I need to fix that, without cutting their parts, mind you, because they are too endearing.

Also I’m kind of having an idea and I need to do some research to see if I can make it work. To give you a bit more than a hint, I’m looking at KERS. This is so very cool. Ziya will have a ball. I think War In Flesh may go even more steampunk than In The Flesh did. This is fun and exciting to me.

I’m going to be seeing Star Trek: Into Darkness today. So I won’t be able to do a lot of research for War In Flesh. Instead I’m just going to let the ideas keep percolating through my grey matter and see what I come up with. K.