In The Flesh Update and Possible Second Book

I’ve been grinding through the last couple of chapters for In The Flesh because I’m trying to create a realistic landscape for the final major setting.  This has taken a lot more time and research than I anticipated.  I’m getting there with it though.  I’ve come to the conclusion that these are just going to be long books.  But I think they will be fun and have a lot of interesting scenes and action.

An exciting thing happened while I was trying to figure out how the landscape would look.  I realized there were some characters whom I found interesting but weren’t living up to their potential.  So I started kind of thinking about how to fix that in the background of my mind as I continued working on In The Flesh.  As I was contemplating their stories an idea for a second book came to me.  While I began In The Flesh fully intending it to be a single, self-contained narrative; I now have seeds for two more books in a series.  A prequel detailing the important history that led up to In The Flesh and a sequel where some characters who did not get enough love in In The Flesh get a chance to shine in an exciting adventure of a second book.  Also, and this is an exciting bit; I dreamed up an idea for a new ship for the third book.

Now this is all still in the very preliminary stages but it’s exciting and I’m looking forward to getting In The Flesh wrapped up and starting on the others.  Yes, this is how ideas work.  At least for me.  They come in clusters, like delicious grapes.  The real trick is to stick with one long enough to get it done.  That’s where the discipline comes in.