In The Flesh, Hummingbirds In My Garden and The Geek Girl Project

In The Flesh Cover Art

In The Flesh Cover Art

In The Flesh Cover Art

Since we’re getting a lot of new traffic and I’d like to keep people updated. I wrote a science fiction novel called In The Flesh. No zombies I’m afraid but I think you’ll find that the title is appropriate nevertheless. It’s available on Amazon, Kobo for the Droid, and Barnes and Noble for the Nook as well as on iTunes (my apologies but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to link the iTunes page to this blog).

Here’s the blurb from the back cover:

Mankind’s ancient curse has ravaged the world and even crept to the very doorstep of The Temple of The Three Waterfalls. Generations-old treaties have spared the temple and those who call it home. Evadne, only daughter of the Holy Sybil, is content to remain hidden away in the remote mountain temple and study her craft.
But things are changing in the outside world. The emissary of a foreign prince has been sent to take Evadne away. Whispers of strange prophecies are heard from behind thick stone walls and the rumor of a powerful oracle to the east has the temple soothsayers involved. Change is on the wind.

Far away from the temple two brothers have discovered a lost continent. The promise of long lost technologies and treasures has the prince racing to stake his claim. They are not unopposed, for there are those who fear this discovery will bring about the end of the world.

Hummingbird in my garden.

Hummingbird in my garden.

On to Gardening! I seem to have a nesting pair of hummingbirds in or very near my garden. How exciting is that? I love watching them dart around and drink from the flowers. I could watch them all day long. They’re so beautiful and tiny.

The weeds are making a strong come-back and I have to get to weeding to keep them from taking over again. If I do that I will have space for a few more plants. I think, what I’d like to do is get a few more hummingbird friendly plants for my little garden. I was watering the flowers the hummingbirds seem to really like, the crocosmia Lucifer and one little humming bird was feeding right next to me and I didn’t even realize it. She was so close to me! Then I turned to water another section, all unaware she was so near, and startled her. I saw two of them hiding in one of the evergreens though so I think they’re a nesting pair. I’ve heard that hummingbirds are pretty territorial and these two weren’t chasing one another or scolding each other, so that is why I think they’re mates.

Finally, as many of you may know, I also write for a wonderful blog called The Geek Girl Project. Well this Saturday they are running a special, and unique, review of Pacific Rim that I submitted to them. It explains how I came to be such a fan of Kaiju and Godzilla in particular and why I’ve been so excited about Pacific Rim as well.

I’m going to try to get an update about Godzilla 2014 together for you later on today or tomorrow. Keep an eye on the Godzilla Encounter site. The SDCC is about to get into full swing and there are supposed to be some exciting reveals there. K.

News for M31 Publishing and War In Flesh

In The Flesh Cover Art

In The Flesh Cover Art

In The Flesh Cover Art

As you may have noticed I’m trying to expand M31 Publishing into a real, and interesting, Blog. I love science fiction, comic books, games of all kinds and a lot of things. I already have my tickets for Pacific Rim–the wait is KILLING me! Tomorrow I’m likely to drink some amazing beer and see The Lone Ranger (I know I shouldn’t want to see it but I kind of do). Thanks to my ties to The Geek Girl Project I’ve got an in with Titan Comics and thanks to Bob Eggleton I’ve discovered In Saturn’s Rings which I will keep track of and update you on. So check out for updates on all of this and War in Flesh as well as Second Chances and other books I’m working on.

What I’m finding is that people love to read about my garden. That works out well for me because I love to write about it.

I’m still publishing movie reviews on The Geek Girl Project. I’m reviewing the old Godzilla movies as well as doing a monthly series of movies called K.’s Guilty Pleasures. For all those old (and new) budget movies or just blockbusters that didn’t bust the block.

War In Flesh is coming along slowly but very well. I feel the stuff I’ve written since I rebooted it is very good. I’m hoping to get some time this weekend to really get some serious work done on it. I’m having more ideas for Second Chances too and I’m torn between working on War In Flesh and Second Chances. I’m sure I’ll figure it out. In The Flesh is available for your kindle on Amazon. K.

My Thoughts on Pacific Rim and Godzilla 2014

Pacific Rim Banner

Pacific Rim Banner

Pacific Rim Banner

Pacific Rim! Pacific Rim! Pacific Rim! I know I should be avoiding the hype. I know if I follow it and listen to it all that there will be no way the movie can live up to expectations. It’s just that monster movies are so few and far between and this one has giant mechs in it. Squeeeee! Plus Guillermo del Toro is directing. Squeeeee! Pacific Rim

That’s this year, next year is the new Godzilla movie. Yay! I’m actively avoiding the hype for that one. I want to see it on its own merits, not on the big sells and hype. I will be reviewing both movies for The Geek Girl Project and probably for this site as well. K.

A Day Derailed and K.’s Guilty Pleasures on The Geek Girl Project

They say that the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry and that was certainly true for me today. Not that this was of necessity a bad thing, just my day went nothing like I had planned it to.

I got nothing done on War In Flesh. I barely got my review of The Guyver: Dark Hero done for The Geek Girl Project. K’s Guilty Pleasures It was fun to write up too and the writer Nathan Long commented on twitter which was just lovely. And I didn’t get to set foot in my garden.

I still had a good day. And the weeds in the garden will still be there tomorrow. Right now I’m enjoying a Xingu and watching Invasion of Astro Monster which is next on my list of Godzilla movies to review for The Geek Girl Project. K.

A Day In The Life Of An Author

War In Flesh is moving along. A friend pointed me to a quote by Stephen King that has been really really encouraging. “Stopping a piece of work just because it’s hard, either emotionally or imaginatively is a bad idea. Sometimes you have to go on when you don’t feel like it and sometimes you’re doing good work even when it feels like all you’re managing to do is shovel sh*t from a sitting position.” Thank you Stephen King.

That is how War In Flesh has gone even when I know what I want to write. There are so many demands on my time that even when I sit down to write my mind is going in a thousand different directions. I have to blog for you gentle reader so you don’t forget me or think that I have forgotten you. I need to watch The Guyver II and review it by Thursday for The Geek Girl Project. I had to work in the garden this morning and run some errands. This afternoon I have to make three batches of brownies for the school and church. All of these things cycle in my mind while I try to focus on what I want to write about.

This is a shame because I love my characters and they have some wonderful conversations and growth ahead of them. Yet this is life and it is good. Busy, but so very good because consider the alternative for one moment. I do not understand people who have time to be bored. Last night I started the novel for a humor romance I intend to do. I named it Latent Heat for reasons that will become clear. I don’t intend for it to be erotica, that would be too embarrassing to write but I cannot say right now where that book will take me.

Also I’m having ideas for the space opera I want to write. I’m excited to get started on that but I need to finish War In Flesh first or I fear I will get two books half way done and never finish. Discipline is key here.

Also, it took most of the day yesterday but I found a blog that is willing to review In The Flesh and I just emailed them a review copy of it this morning. I’m at once nervous and excited. I hope they enjoy my book. Just as I hope you, gentle reader, enjoy what I write. K.

A Cornucopia of Topics Including War In Flesh and Dancing With The Stars

Yesterday I was busy. And then horrible things happened in the Midwest. And then I was busy again. Today I have to catch up on War In Flesh.

I need to do some serious research on KERS systems because I had a vision for War In Flesh that I discarded as being unworkable but it won’t leave me alone. I think Kinetic Energy Return Systems may be the way to make it work. Steam powered rail guns have been around for a while so i can maintain the technology level I’ve set up for the world.

Oh! I just had an idea! Wheeeeee!

But I digress. I have to take a serious look at how I designed the Lorelei II and see if I can get a railgun on it. That’s going to be a ton and a half of fun.

Dancing With The Stars, I so hope Zendaya wins. And I’m so sorry I watched the last episode of Bones that Netflix has. No I’m not sorry I watched it, I’m sorry that’s the last one they have.

Oh! And my review of Star Trek Into Darkness is up on The Geek Girl Project.

I’m reworking the cover for the paperback issue of In The Flesh. What we had to do to the original art to make it comply with the print on demand site, createspace, was terrible. Createspace really goes out of their way to make self publishing difficult. I’m hoping to have it updated and available in a couple of days. The ebook is unaffected by this. K.

War In Flesh, Deadliest Catch and Other Things

I know I’ve said that selecting names is hard, and it is but not the hardest part. For me the part of writing that fills me with the most anxiousness is when I have to have some character say something either profound or ominous. Or when I need some character to say something both profound and ominous. I worry about it because there is so much potential for it to sound just plain stupid. I dread the day when I have had to write a character saying something profound and the take away is a silent, “Thank you Captain Obvious.” Or something like that. And that was the thought I had while writing yesterday.

In other news I finally caught up on watching The Deadliest Catch. You know I really like the Hilstrand brothers and after seeing the special episode about how they built the Time Bandit with their father, I like them even more. How amazing is that? These 5 boys and their taciturn father built that boat.

I need to watch The Guyver II so I can review it for The Geek Girl Project as well as the next Godzilla movie in the set, also for review. At some point I’m going to get started on an article about Mach Go! Go! which we came to know as Speed Racer here in the US.

Today I have set aside for writing. I’m going to find some nice, quiet coffee shop or park somewhere and just work on War In Flesh. Yesterday I got just over 2000 words written, and most of them were good. Today I’d like to do the same or better. K.

A Good Writing Day and Gatchaman Live Action Article

I don’t know how other people do it but when I write, when I create something I do it as a continuous flow, like a little stream. It either comes to me as a trickle, like now with War In Flesh, or sometimes, rarely, as a river a raging torrent of ideas and scenes that come so fast I can barely keep up. For In The Flesh it came like a burbling brook, steady, constant and in good quantity.

The hardest part is to get the flow of creativity going. Fits and starts are the worst and indicate a tough day of writing. This has been the norm with War In Flesh. I find it most frustrating. Writing some stories is a joy. I hope War In Flesh becomes like that because I believe the mood of the author communicates through the work. Fortunately I’m writing a dark part of War In Flesh so it should work out. Perhaps it will work out even better than I think. At least I can hope it will.

Nikkatsu Studios Gatchaman

Nikkatsu Studios Gatchaman

My article on Gatchaman will be posted on The Geek Girl Project today. It was a labor of love as I have fond memories of Battle of the Planets from when I was young. I actually had to do some research for this article and I’m pleased with the result. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Second Chances saw some progress yesterday too. I really need to come up with a real title for that book because I despise the working title. I’ve set the opening scenes and now I need to get names for the characters because I’ve reached the point where the working names will no longer suffice. Names are hard, they really are.

I have a busy day of writing planned so I’m going to get to work. K.

Progress on War In Flesh & Godzilla vs. The Thing Review on TGGP

Today’s update is a bit later than normal but rest assured, gentle reader, I have a really good reason for it. After days of stressing and wondering what my problem was with War In Flesh I got some serious writing done this morning. I finished up Chapter 3 and wrote the entirety of Chapter 4.

When I’m done with this post I’m going to move on to Chapter 5. The story is flowing along properly now and I am very pleased.

Also The Geek Girl Project just published my review of the 1964 movie Godzilla vs. The Thing. Yesterday’s tweet of my review of IDW’s Godzilla #11 got a favorite by none other than Duane Swierczynski, the artist who created most of the wonderful artwork for the comic.

I’ve been approved to write a series of movie reviews of my choice for The Geek Girl Project so expect some B-Grade Sci-Fi fun. Just keep in mind that, as I told the editors of TGGP, I am a fan not a critic. The series will be called Guilty Pleasures or some variant of that name. K.’s Guilty Pleasures might be the title. We shall have to see.

Tomorrow I’ll write more about my creative process for those interested but for now I want to get back to writing for War In Flesh while the story is moving along so nicely. As always, I do hope you enjoy reading what I’ve written. K.

War In Flesh Progress, In The Flesh Gets Second Review and Rose City Comic Con

Rose City Comic Con logo

Rose City Comic Con logo

Rose City Comic Con logo

Yesterday was a huge chore day. Despite that I still got some writing done for War In Flesh. Chapter 3, much like the first 2 chapters, has been a struggle. I’ve restarted several sections of it now and I believe I’m on the right track. Today I have planned some time to get to writing. This is both exciting and a relief because I really want to get to work on this novel. I’ve got two romances that need to be written and these constant delays are troublesome.

In The Flesh got a second review yesterday and it is also a good one. This is very exciting to me. I love it when people read my books and enjoy them.

I’m seriously considering doing retro-reviews of both Guyver movies. Yes, yes, I know but reviewing them could be fun. Today my review of IDW’s Godzilla #11 should go live on The Geek Girl Project and tomorrow my review of Godzilla vs. The Thing.

Also it looks like I will be attending the Rose City Comic Con in September. If it’s half as much fun as the Emerald City Comic Con look for articles from me about my experience. There is a good chance that The Geek Girl Project will also carry any articles I write up about the Con.